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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Mar 10, 2004.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in need of some copies of Appreciations, essay writing guides, discussion group guides etc. All the normal YofS entrance type information. If anyone has any that they could email to me, please drop me a pm.

    Thanks for any help,

  2. Boney

    You might want to get in touch with the SNCO's from Blandford that use this site (It's not that hard to work out) as they will probably have access to the ACTUAL appreciations/essay subject/etc that are going to be on the YofS & IS Sup board....Oh no, wait a minute, they wouldn't want to ruin there SLIM chances of getting on by 'spreading the wealth'.

    Surely, this should be policed by those in authority.....
  3. Try your unit YofS - most of the chosen ones have a draw full of this sort of stuff !
  4. Errrrrrrrrrrrr "Appreciations"?

    They haven't been called that for about 112 years (just after ex dvr joined up). I think perhaps "estimates" is what you may be after?
  5. They havent been called "estimates" for ages either - its decision making exercises these days, but you know what i mean :) Thanks for the replies
  6. Now as far as I know, and I am certain you will correct me if I am wrong, there are three SNCO’s on the IS Supervisor selection board, that are from Blandford. Are you suggesting that one of these men would actually cheat, or are you intimating that there is a deliberate lack of policing, in order to assist these SNCO’s.

    I am however very upset that you don’t rate their chances on the selection board and can only hope, for their sakes that you have nothing to do with the selection process. Has one or more of them upset you in the past I wonder, I have heard that one or two of them can be very abrasive at times. If you want to chat about it all you’re more than welcome to PM me! But if as I suspect it is just petty jealousy, get over it you oxygen thief.
  7. Perception becomes reality!! :D Good luck to the guys on the board.

    Top tip for the appreciation - work out your timings in tabular saves heartache later on when calculating "do-ability". Those things always seem to involve an initial mission which goes Pete Tong. Even if you have to tab up some mountains to save Cpl Bloggs' life (etc etc), try wherever possible to achieve your initial mission as well as Alt-F4 :arrow: back to the mess for tea and medals.


  8. Liberty (Is that something to do with you being a Bell?) the comments I made were not actually aimed at any individual or a particular board, but more of a passing comment. If anything, they were from experience of the YofS board, not the IS board. Also, I think you know EXACTLY how many people are on the geek board at the end of the month, don't you? If I have hit a nerve or twanged your conscience, then I am sorry. I will say that people should be more careful what they say to soldiers that they don't know very well - You know what the Signals is like for passing info.....

    As for any of the 3 upsetting me, not at all. I hardly know them. Finally, lets not confuse abrasiveness with oafishness, or jealousy with contempt.
  9. I am guessing that despite your claim to have experience on YofS selections, you are most defiantly a Tech and there for have a predilection towards oxygen thievery. Can I suggest therefore, before you make your iniquitous, snide and inane “passing comments”, to boney_m you save yourself the time, and devote effort to your quiet nights in with the Wire, catching up on all your old mates (if indeed you have any). It will also save you thumbing through your well used dictionary and leave you to exciting times with your calculator.
  10. Dont worry about me Liberty, i learned to Ignor bollox years ago :)