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Appreciation - Planning Exercise

Can anyone send me a Planning Exercise (Appreciation). Typically it is a non - military type (Aim, Factors, Courses open Plan)

I am doing some training for a commissioning board.

msr said:
Does Larkspur play your old 78s?
Nope, but it's useful on the Start Line. Anyone got a Battlegroup Aide Memoire?

Anyway, I've got a planning exercise born of frustration with trying to teach the estimate to students who haven't got a clue about buying cars to tow their horse box (the classical example beloved of the precis) but do know how to get p*ssed.

So, a introductory planning exercise for teaching the estimate. I should warn that it's a teaching aid, rather than a self-teaching aid (the DS notes include things that they don't explain, i.e. Mission Analysis).

You could add it to the e-nirex for all the MTQ2 instructors out there...


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