Appreciating Your Childs TV Programmes

As my daughter gets older I find I'm taking more and more interest in what she's watching on TV - the wife's noticed too!

Blue Peter was always a good one; Especially in the Helen Skelton years. And Konnie Huq. And Katy Hill. And Zoe Salmon. And....
Hi-5 from Australia was my (daughters) favourite

The girls are cute too! :-D

Victoria Justice
Ariana Grande
Elizabeth Gilles

Miranda Cosgrove
Jeannete Mccurdy

All intelligent and informative kids tv stars.
Who I would like to ****.....all together.....slippery with baby oil.

Swannee Kazoo

War Hero
When the grandkids are brought round, we have C Beebies on, "apparantly" Game of Thrones isnt suitable for a 3 year old. Anyhoo... some of the presenters on there are well worth a poke. Cerrie Burnell, Katy Ashworth, Cat Sandion. Cant post photos as a) Im a Technotwat and b) Im at work.

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