Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by EvilSheep, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi there all i'm new if you can't tell haaha, any way i have applied for the army on-line using the path-finder system, its been a week and no word anyone know how long this takes?, or should i just go the local ARCO.
  2. Go to your local AFCO.
  3. Ok will do, i have some free time before work tomorrow so i'll pop in :cheers:
  4. If you apply online they just send you a message asking you to go to your local ACIO anyways.
  5. Then what is the point of an online system 'Waste of time' thank you for that message
  6. There's a huge backlog at the moment, wait out or goto your AFCO.
  7. Ok, i will, set a date for going on Monday now as i have both college and work so no free time at all as im up at six and not home until 11pm
  8. I did it online as well but they made me re-do it in paper as well. You may as well go to the recruiting office.
  9. Online is good for doing some research, doing path-finder and getting the DVD's etc however we want to see you in person !

    Can you be bothered to walk into a careers office are you really a 9st running machine or a 20 st Call of Duty Freak. Can you actually hold a conversation without looking at your feet all the time.

    The online application form does not capture all the information required hence why you are given one again to complete but also remember we want to see what your hand writing is like and can you follow simple instructions like filling out the form correctly.

    Remember from the minute you walk in you are being looked at, the ultimate question that the recruiter will ask is do i want you watching my mates (everyone in the army is my mate) back on ops are you motivated enough, have the strength of character and the right mentality to become a memeber of the British Army.

    If you have then the recruiter will move heaven and earth to get you in if not go work at micky D's
  10. True, to an extent.
    The online application is an application of "interest", not the complete application.
    I too applied online, and received a call 2 days later, to discuss whether I met the criteria i.e 4 years left on my passport, living in the UK for 5 years etc and then a date was set for going to the ACIO and discussing things further and then continue the application; medical forms etc.
    I was asked if I had completed the PathFinder questionnaire, which I had, so be sure to do that and note the results.

    @Avre, this is directed at you, in the hopes that your great advice can help me. I was due to go to the ACIO on the 18th June, but a new revelation (in that ny passport does not have 4 years left on it) has postponed this appointment. Once I have my new passport and new appointment, would you recommend I attend the meeting in a suit? This may seem like a stupid question, but I am fully aware that you are being judged from the minute you step foot in the office, and I want to make a great (not just good) impression from the onset. However, I don't want to seem to keen or brash but rocking up in a suit ... so some feedback about this would be appreciated.
  11. To answer the question for you and give you a pointer on here.....first look at Recruiters advice thread that a few Recruiters have added points on as it answers everything you need to know.

    Obviously you are an overseas applicant seeing you mentioned 4 years on your passport (plus at least 4 months on your visa at start of application but this will need renewing throughout process)

    Initial chat just turn up in smart clothes, suit isnt neccesary at this time but as you progress start dressing for the occassion but as Avre said were looking for confident people and people wanting to impress showing maturity and willing to listen and put 100% in.
  12. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. I'll have a look at the Recruiters thread and see what I can take from there.
    I am indeed an overseas applicant, and have 6 more months until I can apply for ILR, which means I no longer need a work permit. My work permit is valid until October 2012, but I will no longer need it once my ILR is approved in January 2011. It's just the fact that my passport is due to expire in January 2011 too, which is delaying my application now.

    I'll take into account your advice regarding dress code when heading off to the ACIO, so thank you for that.