Applying to TA and Regulars

Alright everyone....first post on here so go easy on me!

I've recently started the application process to become an officer in the regulars.....however, I've been told that if everything goes well and I pass everything first time that the earliest I could possibly get in is January.

I've been looking at joining my local TA as a private to gain some experience, build up fitness and have a closer insight into the career I'm hoping to go into (plus it looks like it could be a good laugh). There is also the possibility that I will fail one aspect of the regular commission process and have a 6-12 month wait til i can start the process again.

I've seen various posts on this forum telling how the territorials don't appreciate being used as a stepping stone to the regulars. Would it be best for me to go ahead with the application to the TA, as I'll be able to offer around 6 months service as a minimum, with a possibility of it being on a much longer term if I fail in my application for a commission (even if i don't get regular I still like the look of sticking with something military). Or is it best to just stick to familiarisation visits and not waste the TAs time. The thing I'm worried about is anyone in my TA unit finding out and being seen as someone who has wasted their time invested in me.

Basically will the other TA lads (and lasses!) think I'm a tosser for using their unit as a 'stepping stone' and would the regular army look down on me for wasting the TAs time when all along Ive been applying to go regular?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated



No one will mind you using the TA as a stepping stone - as long as you are up front about it.

Go along and chat to them. You never know what the future will hold, so start the ball rolling now.

Agree totally with msr, it generally seems an accepted reason for people joining the TA to do what you are considering.

Have known people to be taken on even though they will not even complete phase one training before transferring to regs. Just don't go around acting like the TA is some kind of second rate fall back organisation compared to the regs and you will be fine
As with the two above posts, isn't it a good thing, if after serving with the TA, albeit for a short time, then transfer into the regs? more people in the regs will start to understand how the TA operates & what it can offer, although with Telic & Herrick using so many TA personnel the message is getting spread, every little helps.

Just, as said be upfront about it.

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