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Hi Guys,

I'm making an application to join the RLC as a driver or driver/radio-operator, and am going to wander down to the careers office tomorrow to drop the paperwork off and sit the BARB test.

Just a few quick questions, if I may.

1. Fitness: I easily can manage the fitness as described to me by the recruiting sergeant, but I've noticed a few discrepancies with what they said, and what is being said on the boards. Yes, I can do 1.5miles in under 10:30, and i've actually been doing a .5 mile warm-up beforehand (with some small weights in a backpack). However, someone mentioned something about having to do a bunch of sit-ups, dips, pullups and a longer "warm up" before the 1.5mile timed run. What's the truth to this? Can anyone give an actual definative answer?

2. Promotion/Job Change Prospects: Again, recruitment sergeant assured me that basically promotion isn't too hard if I take this route, and I can decide to specialise quite soon in another field if I so desire - Is this an accurate assessment, or are they just trying to squeeze me into a role that I don't want for four years because they're short on drivers?

3. Marriage: This is one I didn't discuss in depth at the careers centre, but I am married - while not a bar to entry, is this considered "not good" by the Army for potential recruits? Also, are married quarters some kind of "earned privaledge" that I can expect to get much later in my military career (assuming I'm successful) or is it something granted quite quickly?

Thanks in anticipation for your answers, oh and please don't slag me off about being a driver, it's what I want to do that matters, not your personal opinions on that particular role. :D
Become a driver\tank transporter. It'll put hair's on the palms of your hands ;)
you should get married quarter relatively easy enough and will not be discriminated for being married or anything, not sure about exact answers for the others but can find out for ya
Fitness; no great problems, but yes there are sit-ups and press ups that have to be done. Numbers depend on age and sex, but don't worry you will get phys training to improve.
Trade; yes you have been lied to, drivers have slow promotion and usually crap jobs and yes it is very hard to change trades (well according to my drivers), but go for it if you relish painting trucks and Land Rovers all day! Seriously, if you want a challenge and all that guff then pick another trade, one that has a recruiting bounty maybe?
Quarters; no problems when you (eventually) leave training and get posted to a unit apply and if DHE haven't sold all the houses off you'll be allocated one, or a civillian hiring.
Hope you enjoy army life, but have your eyes open, recruiters have been known to fib occasionally! (B*stards lied to me all those years ago!) :roll:
I'm already serving, but is is possible to transfer into the RLC - I was looking at Ammunition Technician.

I am a SNCO - does that matter.

I understand that I will need to revert.
Sammy, according to the latest jobs bulletin thingy you can become an Ammo Tech if you are a Sgt (but no mention of any higher rank). You probably would have to revert as certain jobs as an AT are rank dependant, however the rank matches technical quals as well e.g. you must (allegedly) be a T1 to make Sgt. Check with your RCMO or local 11 EOD Regt Troop. Hope this helps, but don't blame me if it goes to ratsh*t :D
Thanks Grumpy !!

Have spent a few hours since posting that speaking to some Ammo Techs that I know through a friend of a friend.

I won't be continuing the line of enquiry as from what I understand, they are underpaid, overworked, and always on operational tours (although I admit the AT I spoke to was in NI at the time).

Not too sure about this 11 Regt work profile thing - either on an immediate notice to move or a pretty close to immediate notice to move.

Not my cup of tea. But thank - you anyway.

Do tell me if I have been fed a duff line.
OMG don't hijack my thread ya bastage - start yer own!

Anyways, thanks for the PM's I received on this question folks - made me breath a little easier - I think I have probably overtrained, hopefully that won't do anything other than make me laugh at all the little 17 year old kids who show up to basic training and pass out after the first few miles.

Will keep you updated as to my progress (in the unlikely event anyone is interested) - put my app in on friday and the Sgt claims that she can push it through at high speed for me, given my fitness and academics.

Cheers all.
SuperNoob said:
OMG don't hijack my thread ya bastage - start yer own!
The thread is about transferring to the RLC - I was enquiring about transferring into the RLC.

Two threads concerning the same subject would be pointless, so not quite sure where the problem lies.

Apologies anyway....... ya bastage!
Actually it was about applying to join the RLC from civvy strasse, however, seeing as you seem like a nice chap I'll let you off and put it down to my personal pedantry. ;)

Anyway, current questions are heavily incoming from the wife include:

1) During basic training, when is the first contact with home allowed?

2) During basic training, when is the first leave given?

3) Are there normally sporting activities etc organised for wifeys, or is that something she would have to pursue under her own steam (she's a bit of a cycling/karate maniac)

4) Within the wifeyworld, is there some kind of "pecking order" based on rank of their (in)significant others ? (She's very well educated and doesn't want some snotty random officer's wifeslapper getting lippy because she's married to el squaddie to be (me) )
Ok i shall try and answer your questions for you!

1. Contact with home, you can phone, write etc home when ever you find the time and you have the cash. It will be difficult for wifey to phone you as your days are long and evenings spent doing stuff but that said its not impossible. In an emergency she will be able to contact you but make sure its an emergency no one likes admin cases!!!

2. As for leave your first will be a long weekend roughly in the middle around about week 6 Thurs-Mon morning. Phase two training depends on the corp arm etc but depending on time of year etc you will get xmas off for example.

3. Wifes are civilians with no rank that said their are those that do try to wear their husbands rank but they are in the minority. Wifes of all ranks range from the duty ron hills white shoes brigade to the highly skilled and motivated individuals. As with life you will soon discover the ones to mix with and the ones not to.

4. If shes into her sport it should not be a problem carrying on with it just wait till you get to the field Army
But RLC Drv !!!!! :x

Just to let you know im in the recruiting world for my sins but not to long go before i get back to the loving embrace of the real army :lol:

So any other Qs fire away its important you make the right choice as its a long time to do something you dont like!
Truth is that I'm too old to join infantry so i'm looking for something I can join then quickly impress with my godlike fitness and sparkling intellect. Sad but true.

I'm too old for officer selection too, before you ask ;)

So what I need to do is find a corps that needs people, which I can work for say 4-5 years in, then transfer out of to something more condusive to my abilities.
All becomes clear my good man !

All i will say about changing Corp etc once you have been a while is that its not a right, that said people do it and who knows you might not want to change.

As for sports quite a few sportsman on the British Olympic team are in the RLC
Hehe thank you,

Well I don't know, maybe I really -would- enjoy it.

As far as olympics, unless they introduce karate as an olympic sport i'll be on the sidelines. If they do though... well, who knows,

Maybe the odd kata competiton ;)

Thanks for your input.

Go join the Tank transporter trade. Being a married elder recruit, you will fit in better in one of their units than you will in a GT regt (1,2,3 or 4 where all the newbies are 17 and there is little family spirit. (do not confuse family spirit with looking after the families)!

They have a much more mature and reasonable outlook on RLC life, with plenty of scope for op tours and qualifications useful if you returen to civvy street.

There were a few married elder newbies in my last Tk Tptr Sqn and they fitted in very quickly.

Best of luck.


Book Reviewer

good luck with whatever you find you are doing once you're in.

If you are normally based in the South and would prefer to be for the majority of your career ( barring deployments) have a think about Port and Maritime Regt, based at Marchwood near Southampton.

ALWAYS on the look out for good people - and most recruiters have either never heard of them or wish to ignore for their own reasons. Also, do not have a very clear idea of what they actually do. Just had the JR's accomm done - not sure how they are fixed for pads quarters at the moment.

Laughingly known as ' Sport and Leisuretime' by other parts of the RLC - who've never been to sea !

Le Chevre

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