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First of all, my apologies if something similar to this has been posted and answered - I've had a brief scowering of the forum and not really found anything that answers my question.
In the near future I'm hoping to join the Int. Corps, however, from there I would eventually like a career within the RAPTC. My question is this:

How long does one have to serve with their chosen Corps before they can request to attempt the necessary courses to become a PTI? Or is there no time limit (I.e. you could make the request as soon as you get out of P2).

Two more questions as well whilst I think about it:

How fit do you need to be to have any hope of gaining entry to the RAPTC and are there many females within the RAPTC?
I understand that competition is fierce for this role and know that as a female I'll have my work cut out, as biology says that men will always be naturally fitter and stronger than women...:| Basically, what I'm saying is that I love a challenge but banging my head against a brick wall isn't my idea of being productive.

Cheers in advance.
Not sure on a minimum time but you have to do a bit of time in your unit to go on the Class 2 PTI course. Then more time to prove yourself worthy of applying to RAPTC.

I believe standards are same for male and female sub9:30 PFA.

However since Sgt is given upon completion of RAPTC course then you are unlikely to be accepted in only a few years. I would expect at least 6 but that's just my guess.
Good luck doing it from the Int Corps. Just getting the time to do the course let alone prepare for selection is next to impossible. And as soon as the corps realise that you are joining with an aim to leave, well, good luck.

I know I sound negative, but feel as an Int Corps PTI I have a reasonable feel for this.
I wanted the same thing as an Int Corps phase 2. Now a few years in, no PTI cse let alone RAPTC selection owing to time available. No bad thing though as our Corps has offered a lot of opportunities and the physical challenges are still available.

Int Corps do have PTIs and if youre fit you may get on the cse fast, but give the Corps a chance before trying to abandon it. If after seeing the field army for 3-4 years (owing to our usually fast promotion leaving this longer may not work out well) and you have the time as a PTI done too, then no harm in applying. The Corps may actively see you off if you stick 2-fingers to us without having a fair go at our "real work", but will be more positive if you maturely manage your own career.
Why not join the RAF as a PTI from scratch. Far better than Army PTIs.

If you specialise in rehabilitation you could even get to massage my stump.
Firstly use this link to start your RAPTC search RAPTC Selection Course - British Army Website, however
if you are joining the Int Corps be aware that they would not been an ideal choice if you were thinking to
use them as a stepping stone to transfer.
To answer some questions:
1. Females are able to join the RAPTC
2. Fitness standards are the same for both.
3. You would learn about these when going
through the process, AAPTI standards run:1.5 mile run in under 9:30
p/ups 50 ( 2 mins) sit ups 60 (2 mins) plus AFT 8 mile 2 hrs with 25 kg.

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