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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cornish, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. I have just started off the process, and was wondering what are the chances of me being allowed entry to the regiment i want.

    I want to join 2RTR, but how likely is it that i will get shafted into another RAC regiment?

  2. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Well I know few regiments where you might get shafted!

  3. Yeh, but im not applying for the paras :p
  4. That is not the way the system works - you will not be shunted around from RAC Regt to RAC Regt - I can assure you they are all very different, and all looking for different types of bloke.

    However it is mightily competative - over the last month we have had no fewer than 30 potential officers visit the Regiment - we can only take 4 a year.

    Have a look round base your decision on what you want -UK/Ger, when the next Op Tour is - and where to, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour etc etc. Old advice is the best advice - be yourself and the decion will be made for you - and it is no bad thing, there is no point being in a Regt where everyone thinks you're something you're not.
  5. Cheers, but im not going for officer... im applying as a soldier. So i stand a fairly good chance of getting 2RTR if thats what i want?

    Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, but I guess its better that I do rather than not know!
  6. I think I am right in saying if you get a 'committted recruit card' you are pretty much guaranteed to stay affilliated with your Regiment of choice. If you've got mates in the Regt already get them to try and sort it out with their chain of command - they may be able to point you in the direction of a careers office with a 2RTR recruiter in it who can help you out.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Stick to your guns lad with a flag like that you can only go to 3/2 RTR
  8. Thanks mate, thats what i needed to hear!
  9. No doubt someone will claim you in 2RTR. More they have the more reason to petition for a name change to 3RTR...

  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you like you can PM me with your name - the Recruitment Officer for Cornwall is a very good friend of mine and I could sound him out if you wish.
  11. stick to your guns and if its an op tour you want then we get em all the time we are still using challis and we are now the first reg with ima sqn and a warrior sqn i think but i bet s54 will correct me as he allways dus.
    pm me if you would like more info about the reg mate or ask old bones s54 lol (only jokin s54)
  12. RDG
    Have 2 x WR Sqn, MA Sqn CR2 Sqn
  13. hey cornish you stick to your guns and as elovanhelpfulbloke said there is nothing better than 3/2RTR stay away from the cav though. S54 will deffinatley be able to help as he is a founding father of the RTR :headbang:
  14. Cheers guys, looking as though I'll be one of you in the not too distant future if all goes well. Now on the fitness level... the army site says you need a minimum of 13:15 for the 1.5 time... this is a joke right? I'm currently hitting 11:20 average and i thought that was really bad!

    What kinda levels would you recommend i am for by selection (something like 14 weeks away)

    cheers now!
  15. I dont know if it changed since i left in 95 but that was after 1 1/2 miles in a squad and then turn around and do it again in your personal best time ,as long as you are under 13.15 you should be ok, but go like stink and if you have a rough night one time you should be still ok.
    Good luck :dance: