Applying to join as a PQO

Ok so to start with I'm going to say I know almost nothing about the army except what I have read online since I have been considering RAVC (veterinary officer)
I am not applying for bursaries or similar but thinking about joining after finishing my course (vet science)
I have a few questions about the process of applying though:
Does anyone have experience of how long it takes from starting an application to getting a place at Sandhurst? I'm in my second year right now (5 year course), any ideas when I should start an application?
Is there a time limit between passing AOSB and going to sandhurst (ie could I try AOSB in 4th year but go,if i pass, after 5th year)?

I am planning to go into one of the careers centers once term begins but I just wondered if anyone has any experience of applying as PQO (of any variety)

Any tips or advice are gratefully received.
Make sure that the careers office give you the right info. Believe it or not, as an Officer in the RAVC you won't do much 'vet'ing for a while. I believe that you'll effectively do the full commissioning course and a job as a troop cdr before working with animals.

The joys of having to read DINs etc at work....
I thought the PQO course was only 10 weeks?
And the MOD website says the first year is taking accreditation courses and secondments to organisations like the PDSA and RSPCA.

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