Applying to be a Yeoman Warder at The Tower of London

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pronto57, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. can anyone help!!!! (apologise if I've posted this on the wrong forum). I am in the throughs of having to leave my beret at the guardroom after 34 years of colour service....Ive nearly reached that full retirement age even though i can still cut the that end i was looking at applying for a yeoman warders position at the Tower. I meet all the criteria but seem to have reached a brick wall in finding out who or where i apply to. Can anybody on ARRSE (the fountain of knowledge) help. I know some will comment "SAD B******D get into civi street like the rest of us" but as i see it ....its better the devil you know...etc...etc.
  2. I bet you make your kids stand by their beds don't you?
  3. If there's any birds there, don't stand for any shit from them.
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  4. Are you implying he should be on some sort of register?
  5. Not yet - That's when he starts asking them to volunteer for Butt Party... I always thought that duty sounded better than it actually was.
  6. Bit of banter never did anyone any harm.
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  7. This will make a good training manual for you!
    Yeoman Warden At Tower Of London, Part II Of Four - YouTube
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  8. What does a yeoman do in London? Lean against the wall and say "Yo, man" to the coons as they walk past?
  9. We actually have someone at the plant I work at who does that (and brags about it). He also wears his old Bundeswehr uniforms (complete with all insignia) to work. Possibly the biggest idiot I've ever met.
  10. They let anyone one do it now.You'll be fine.

  11. Whats wrong with the chest of the second from left and why is he smiling ilke that?
  12. They're lined up outside the M.O's waiting for the prostate cancer test results.
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  13. Thank you all for your comments....Thanks to Bushmills for the link (have emailed you a reply) and thanks to thia for the link to Youtube but i had already seen all the clips.
    As for the rest your comments very comical ....laugh i never for Closet jibber.........Britain would be a better place if parents did carry out that drill at bed time....alas mine have grown up and flown the nest......but if they were still at home .......your damn right i would!!!!!!!!!

    You laddie .....yes you.......stand still.......Salute, turn to the right and p**s off
  14. I thought she gave it up because the big shouty men talked mean to her? :?

    Let Sluggy be a Yeoman Warder; she'd sort that lot out in no time. (Shudder) Clerking does strange things to a person.