Applying near the end of Junior Entry..

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moodymoddy, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm just wondering what would happen as I'm applying at 16 and 9 months of age, which I'm reckoning could fcuk my application up a bit? My birthday is late July.

    I can't see my application being under 3 months (or could it be?) - so surely I'll have to do Standard Entry. Wont I then have to wait till after my birthday to do ADSC?

    The other worrying thing is that I applied at 15 and 7 months but family s*** made me think "Ohh - I don't really want to leave home till I know everythings gonna work out". Its all "worked out", or as much as it will - but I really expect to look a prize a cnut; as I felt like I wasted their time last time. (I had just had the first interview)

    See, I filled in the application form online last night and it said I'd hear what to do within 10 days. I'm guessing that I'll be told to get into the local AFCO to have the "chat" and BARB test?

    As much as it sounds rich coming from someone who stopped their application last time - I really want this. I done 3 months at a civvy college doing Electrical Engineering; but decided that it wasn't for me. I'm now working in IT as a Hardware Technician - but I just don't *feel it*. Whereas the Army has never really left my mind.

    Cheers guys!
  2. alright mate, im no expert but i say you would be going standard entry, or even junior at atr winchester. regarding your application, mine took just over 2 months (including adsc) so it could be under 3 months. :)
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking the same about SE - but surely that means I can't do ADSC till a good 4 months when I'm 17years and 1 month?! Surely not!

    I'd love to be able to get my application sorted that quick! Although I've heard bad things about the only application form and it taking them ages to get back to you - I'm gonna try and arrange a visit to my local AFCO anyway. Working 0830 to 1730 is gonna make that hard though!
  4. just go in to the careers office. i worked in one last year on a short term basis.
    you'll find the online one is not the application form, so it doesnt offer any kind of shortcut.

    they wont have a problem with you. believe it or not they are actually people too, and will understand that complications can arise.

    as long as you are enthusiastic, and do as your asked, it will be fine.

    the process can take various lengths of time. there are infinite numbers of factors that can delay it, so dont worry about it, and see what comes out in the wash.
  5. - ? Saying that, there were questions that I remember being required on the paper one (NHS Number etc) that I didn't have to hand when I filled that in, and they were "Not Required". So I'm guessing that actually, yeah - I would have to re-fill one in anyway!

    I understand their people - and probably worded that wrong and made them sound insensitive! Don't get me wrong; the ones that handled my application last time were some of the most helpful people I've come across, and the same goes for friends experiences when signing up. I just guess they're very busy and I don't want to come across as a time waster.

    Thanks! I'll guess I'll have to get down there as soon as I can. I know the AFCO on the strand is open late one evening, I'll ring Croydon up tomorrow and check to see if they have similar.
  6. I have just rang Croydon AFCO up and they don't, which makes getting to see them alot harder. As it is I start work when they open, and leave work an hour later. I can't really have any time off either. :/
  7. Go on a Saturday morning?!
  8. Lol, In hindsight I should've asked about weekends - as she only gave me times for the week. Are they even open on saturdays?!
  9. First Saturday of every month
  10. Speed of your app will also depend on what your joining, if you join the infantry you could be in within 1 month, anything else will be 3-12 months, standard entry is better anyway.