applying in febuary.

hello all.
am i right to beleive that the earliest i can apply for afc harrogate is 15 and 7 months? also do you think there would be much chance in me getting into the september intake? just got back from my first attempt at 1.5 miles and got 10:58, quite good i think considering it was my first attempt :).
depends on how long your application takes. If your lucky it will take 3-4 months, but with the amount of people applying at the moment i would say it will take about 6-7 months at the moment so apply as soon as possible or september intake will have been and gone. I think waiting until march is pushing it a bit as you don't no what could happen in any of your application.
just got back from my BARB and the recruiter told me that as long as my medical forms go through with no problems, i have 90% of getting in september, considering i pass selection that is :). my run times down to 9:32 and my job choices were 1. 7rha 2. qrl 3. pwrr :)
Good effort Saltman, well done on the run time! Hope it all goes well for you.
Although the official age for application is 15 and 7 months, go in and talk to a recruiter now because they may be able to help you get some of the stuff out of the way earlier.

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