Applying for the TA, plus a bit of background

Firstly, hi guys, I've been lurking around on here for a while and looking at all the advice and even following some of it! Now I think it's time to make a post but watch out, it might get a bit long before I get to a point!

So I'm applying to join the army as an officer, I know which section this is so give me a sec, and have completed Briefing [CAT 1] and had my first attempt at Main Board in May. I was unsuccessful and was very disappointed but my sponsor talked me through the report about my performance and so I know what I have to address. I am determined to take Main Board again and pass it and I have been advised to join the TA until then [next May at the earliest], in order to help me out with the few aspects I have to work on.

I live near York and have gone through the online application to join the TA. However I've not heard anything back from them and while I was looking around on here I saw things about calling up the TA units and visiting them and long waiting periods for new applicants. I've already decided to call my local TA units, tomorrow as it's now after 17:00, and find out more information but I also wanted any other advice you could give me on the subject. [FYI: I'm looking at joining the QOY in York of 4 YORKS]

Thanks for reading, it wasn't as long as I thought.
Sorry, looking back I didn't really ask anything. Basically how long do you think I'm going to have to wait to join the TA and is there anything I can do to make the process quicker?
Do as Polar says and go see the unit you wanna join-I've been a proud STAB for 26 years and the recruiting process changes as often as the plebs in charge want to bugger everyone about. Get fit, read Spike Milligans war books and if yer serious just be prepared to wait.

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