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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by oloveridge, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. just wondering how to apply for the army can i just go to the army careers office or do i need to make a appointment and what is the application process like
  2. go into careers office and ask for application and he will give you a chat and send you away to fill in documents
  3. the application is not bad ...just the waiting does ur head in not that its bad just you get really excited
  4. The application process is long and painful and designed to give you a huge taster of what lies ahead. You will be required to fill out a rain forest worth of paper, which will become misplaced within a week. After three months a recuiter will call and ask you where your paper work is. Don't be afraid at this point and feel free to let the gentleman know you handed to him personally three months prior. You will be called into the office at this point to fill out the same paper work once again. Wait about four weeks and you will be called in for your first interview. Throw on a pair of trackies and an England football shirt. This will ensure you get in the door so to speak. If you show up smartly dressed you will be turned away and most likely scoffed at. The recruiting office is a MOD building so feel free to smoke a cigarette if offered. You'll notice a small patch of carpet on the front of the desk in front of you. That is for your feet so kick back, smoke and BS with the recruiter for about 30 minutes.

    Don't ask silly questions like "How much are you paying?" or "Will you provide me with a kit list for basic?" We will take care of that here at ARRSE.

    If you want to cut some time off the whole process, tell the recruiter at his office that you sought job application advice on the ARRSE forum. You'll be handed a pen to sign one sheet of paper, handed a train ticket and youre on your way. Any more questions regarding a potential career in HM Forces and I will of course be happy to oblige. Those silly buggers that are trained and paid to recruit soldiers haven't got a clue mate. Trust me, I've been full of sh1t my entire life.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richard Cranium.
  5. An excellent and highly informative piece of prose there
    All good advice
  6. that explains it a lot better, thanks for taking your time to write this,
  7. Excellent advice Mr DummyRound.

    However, oloveridge, you should be aware that this will only apply until Monday 14th July 2008. After this date army careers will cease to be a function of the Armed Forces Careers Office and will switch to the Joining Up thread on ARRSE where recruitment matters and career advice will be dealt with exclusively on-line.