Applying for RA advice needed.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by almightyhaggis2002, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Ok im going to selection for RA gunner crewman (with a view to specialising as opa/fst) next week. Im just a bit concerned really i have read a lot of posts about people that have already stated what regiment they want to join?

    I have never once been asked this by my acio and i just assumed that i would choose during phase 2?

    Am i up shit creak now will i get out of phase 2 and just get stuck somewhere or will i still be able to choose a reg?

    Cheers for any help in advance.
  2. Hi,

    You will be streamed to the trade you have applied for, slots permitting. During Phase One you will have a presentation of Regiments and you will be able to put your preferences down.

    Where you end up will mostly be because of shortfalls in unit, unless you opted for either Para, Commando or Special Observer selection.

    What job you do may change if you show particular aptitude's in certain areas or places being available on courses on Phase Two training at Larkhill.
  3. Cheers wellyhead. Am i right in thinking you dont choose your specialist trade till you are at larkhill? My recruiter seems to think all ra guys apply as gunner crewman and then at phase 2 they get to pick a specialisation?
  4. Then your recruiter needs a slap, you can apply for any of the jobs on the army website, including FST

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    Have a look at that website then go back to the ACIO

    However this is more a preference to roles, you might find your self in an entirely different role that you started off from
  5. Well i hope he doesnt need a slap as he is a wo2 in the ra. i have spoken to him and he is still convinced you can only join as a gunner crewman and then specialise at larkhill during phase 2.
  6. It may of changed, tell you the truth that is probably the best way about it. There was a time you did a role specific course at Larkhill, but now everyone does the same set of training, which was the way of it back in my day.

    I mentioned it because not long ago people were getting start dates to join as the likes of UAV ops and Observers. Which begged the question if everyone joining was going to work as either trade, where will all the Air Defenders, Radar ops, Gun Numbers, MLRS etc going to come from ?

    Hopefully someone fresh through the system will pipe up and give you the latest info
  7. Unfortunately your talking bollocks and the WO2 in the ACIO is 100% correct. (yep its all changed back again)

    All RA now go RA Crewman but can put a preference of their ideal role during the selection process. If you score under 46 on the BARB test you can only go AS90, Light gun or logistics...if 46 or over then all other trades could be open to you.

    As you say once near the end of Phase 2 there will be presentations by the RA SPSO and they will look at your preferences then and at the start of Phase 2 at larkhill. Still worth having an idea of what you want to go though.
  8. I know exactly what i want to do and i got 70 on the barb so that shouldnt be an issue.

    Excellent thank you everyone for all the information i appreciate it.

    Thanks for the upddate, I did say it might of changed, i was never into this whole pick your job route anyway

    Christ when I joined up the chioces were Gnr Weapons, Gnr Comms and Gnr Tech, which transalation into 105 lt gun, Signals and Driving during Skill to Arm training
  10. I am in same situation as you mate. Going for RA Gunner. I have already passed selection and got the date for phase1 but i still dont know when do i pick the role i want. Different people r telling different things, recruiter says we ll decide in training. i think we need to stick to that now ! cheers[​IMG]
  11. Yes disregard previous comments by myself, there has been a change in the process and you will decide in training BARB scores and places permitting.

    In the meantime have a look around, ask questions and think about the sort of role that you are interested in

    Contrary to what some on here might lead you to believe, but we are here to help
  12. Best of luck mate i'm ex 40 Regt RA any burning issues drop me a PM.

    Slagging off is very much a part of Army life it's nothing personal but you need to grow a thick skin.
  13. Thank you everybody for all your replies i really appreciate the help and advice. I go for selection in 24 hours now and am very excited.

    @Hermes_R12 My old man is ex 1para and p company instructor ive received slagging all my life lol. I know how military slagging feels. I call it banter.
  14. Its not abuse its constructed critisism, yes mate at times it seems were re inventing the wheel and it all goes full circle with the ways they chop and change the Recruiting/training world.
  15. How did you get on ?