Applying for Officer at 28

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lols, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me clear up a few queries? I'll throw in some background info: I've just turned 28, currently in the RAuxAF and am applying for Army Int. officer. I've been to the Officer's brief at the AFCO and have an interview in a week and a half. I'm aware that you need to be in Sandhurst by your 29th birthday, however I was wondering how my age may affect my application? ie. Will I be less competitive due to being older than a graduate? Do many people attend Sandhurst in their mid-late twenties? (Excluding the professionals and LE officers etc.)

    Also, with regards to choosing your regiment, how likely is it that you end up joining your chosen regiment?

    Thanks! :)
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Potential Int Corps but completely incapable of using the search function?

  3. I have used the search button and I couldn't find the answer to my question.

    Is there really any need to be so rude and patronising? You're not my boss are you?
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Just 2 from the first page of a search on "officer age".

    This does not allow for the 32 page thread on regular officer recruiting.

    Is there really any need to expect others to do your work for you, then get upset when someone points out your lazyness?
  5. Without answering all te other questions, all of which are covered in depth on this forum, your main worry will be getting to sandhurst in time. It can take close to a year to get throughthe process. You only have one attempt at briefing and main board. You need to get a cat 1 so make sure you are plenty fit enough and can easily do all the core skills like sdt calculations. Make sure you have some experience of leadership and a reason why the military urge has not come sooner.
  6. Most of the posts I found on officer recruiting have been from people asking if they are too young, or from recent or upcoming graduates.

    This forum is supposed to be here for people to ask questions about recruitment right?

    I wasn't expecting people to go trawling through forums for old questions that may be outdated. I just assumed that people who are on the recruitment forums may be on here as they know more up to date, correct information which they are offering to share. That is the difference between it being a 'forum' and not an Army recruitment encyclopedia.

    I already spent a reasonable amount of time looking but as I can't spend any more time looking, due to having things to do, such as my job, then I figured that the people frequenting this forum would be helpful, clearly I was wrong.

    I have spent plenty of time advising potential RAuxAF applicants on questions they have without feeling the need to patronise them or call them lazy for not knowing the answers to everything. If you don't want to help then why are you on here?
  7. Thanks, that's pretty much confirmed the reasons why I was asking... the RAF recruit people up to the age of 37 and welcome people who are joining as a complete career change, whereas the Army seem to mainly want people who want to join straight after Uni, some for a full career but with many using it as a stepping stone for experience before going onto different career paths.
  8. I must say I don't think the responses you got were that harsh.

    But if I may say so that was a fantastic piece of whining on your part. I wish you luck at Sandhurst but I hope that your subsequent unit finds you a rufty tufty Corporal that can protect your sensitivities from all the rough, unhelpful boys (I've heard tell some of them smoke and swear!) that you'll meet.
  9. I'll try to answer your queries as best I can, based on my own experience of passing RCB aged 28:

    - yes, you can do this, but you'll need to get a move on - get to the Briefing and Main Board within the next 3-6 months at the most

    - one advantage you have is that you're already in the system, so you're not coming to this completely fresh - the AFCO should take this into account

    - initially i.e. at RCB (now AOSB) your age may only arise in relation to your fitness level - work on this to the point that it isn't a concern

    - your level of competitiveness will depend on you; if you allow your age to dictate your behaviour then you'll get nowhere

    - I believe that the avergae age for admission to Sandhurst is now 25 (I stand to be corrected)

    - expect infantry regiments to 'judge a pause' when looking at you; however, by that stage you'll hopefully be at Sandhurst and I have heard of those aged 28+ being accepted into infantry regiments; a lot will depend upon their opinion of you once you're actually there and have hopefully proven yourself
  10. Thanks so much. How long ago did you attend Sandhurst?

    The Retd. Colonel who did the presentation said that the recruitment process takes on average 9 months and that with all being well, if successful we would be looking at the January intake which would be fine as that's still before my 29th birthday, although as an earlier poster said i'll only have the one chance!

    I believe that only 22 Int. Officers are taken on each year so I know it's very competitive but I assume once you're already in Sandhurst and can prove yourself age probably won't matter as much.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you and the advice given above is pretty much spot on, you will only have one try at the Brief and Main pressure......
  12. None at all! ;)

    How far ahead are you with your application?
  13. Hey,

    I have received a sponsorship from the PWRR and have a date for my briefing on the 22 nd of this month. Like you, if all goes well,( fingers crossed) I should make it for the Jan intake.

    Kindest Regards,


    PS: I was also told to have a look at the Intel corps, as my age my be a big obstacle for me joining the infantry. Not trying to undersell myself but the world will be in deep shit if join the intel corps....
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I doubt it. You may have been told to have a look at the Intelligence Corps or possibly the Int Corps, but there is no such thing in the British Army as the 'Intel corps'.
  15. Your age will not be a massive barrier to you joining the infantry. If you don't get in it's because you are not suitable, don't hide behind your age. I got offered my infantry choice, SCOTS at 29 and I know numerous people of a similar age who went infantry.

    P.S. It is Int in the British army not Intel.