Applying for last 6 months in the UK.

I am applying for my last 6 months service in the UK, as I am currently based in Germany. My last day of service life is 22 Sept 09, to that end I will be on Termination Leave from 22 August 09.
Will my last 6 months of service be from 22 Sept 09, or from 22 August 09.
I have asked my Admin Staff, and cannot get a straight answer.
My unit is due to deploy in Nov 08 for 6 months on Op's, whilst I am not to concerned about having to deploy, I would rather not. I have also been told that I will probably not deploy with the unit, but I will believe that when I see it.
My other issue is sorting out my Resettlement! We go to Canada for 8 weeks in Mar/Apr this year, and time is pushing on for me. Can I still do my resettlement, or will I be forced to go to Canada?
Again, I dont mind going to Batus, but I dont want to leave myself short with resettlement, as many soldiers in my unit have done recently.

DMI I would imagine that your last 6 months includes your Term Leave as this is after all service.

As for Resettlement I would suggest you speak to IERO at 41 AEC as he would be your local expert. Canada may be a jolly but I would suggest Resettlement may be more important in the long run.

As for deploying I was under the impression that units would not deploy individuals who enter their last 6 months of service in Theatre.

I had my notice in last year (cancelled it- own reasons), and when the regiment went out to BATUS I stayed behind, after you add up all your owed leave, resettlement leave and termination leave. No reason to cut it short, I doubt anyone would send you away anywhere if that would infringe on your time for resettlement. The resettlement people will have a lot more information for you as to what you are entitled to- all dependant on time served, etc.
The last 6 months is exactly from your last day of service. If they try and get you to go on tour it is up to you and they will have to extend your service to ensure you get all that you are entitled to. The Resettlement Officer will explain all this. Where in UK are you looking to spend your last 6 months? By the way all the rules and regulations are in AGAIs if you admin staff just look in there.
Thanks for the input guys. I feel a rough ride coming my way.
I intend to make a serious dent in my ELCAS aswell, and this will no doubt clash with BATUS and the Op Tour. You just know they are not going to like it one bit.
I will keep you all posted on my progress.


Also, look at the Final Tour of Duty Package, JSP 752, if you are in an area not of you choice come discharge and you are accompanied you can apply for this, which will give you DA and Removals to resettle your family in the area of your choice, however, you must be eligiable for an immediate pension, i.e 22 years.

As stated above you can apply to have your service extended to ensure that you get your entitlements in.
Is the Final Tour of Duty, the same as serving your last 6 months back in the UK. I have filed that application today, and want to go back to the Yorkshire area. Getting accurate info from my unit is proving awkward, no real surprise there really!
I have been based in germany for the last 6 years, and as most appreciate, you cannot sort your life out based in Germany, especially when I want to settle in the UK.



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