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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Deckard, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. I'm searching for a job at the moment having graduated last year, basically been filling in tons application forms, as well as sending out CVs and covering letters. On these forms I've stated I'm in the TA and have used examples from my training (tame ones, not "Destroying the enemy required teamwork and communication") to highlight specific skills required for the job.

    However I am beginning to suspect that a lot of potential employers seeing TA on my CV/ application form think "this is a lot of hassle we can do without". I also got this impression from a couple of interviews I've had aswell. Any thoughts on this?

    Also, is there an official position on explaining your commitments to potential employers?
  2. By law you must inform an employer / potential employer of your activities with all reserve forces!
  3. You need to inform your employer that you are in the reserve forces, and many will require that you need to inform them of secondary employment when you start/before you start with them. Unless specifically asked about outside employment then it can be left off application form/cv. You should drop it in at the assessment day/interview panel though, as an example for whatever competencies they want you to demonstrate.

    My current employer sees it as an advantage, an interview panel for a civil service role saw it as a distinct negative - got some grief from one of them relating to armed forces.

    What are you interested it doing?
  4. And if you don't, your unit will anyway.
  5. Is it true that you must inform a potential employer?
  6. I was led to believe that you only have to inform them once you have passed CMS(R). Am I right in thinking that?
  7. Tell your employer that you are in the TA, the TA will anyway. Tell your potential employer whatever you like, but be sensible about it, and check the contract, as once they employ you they need to know.
  8. Cheers guys


    I'm planning on starting as a trainee solicitor this summer, so will be required to work pretty long hours. However I have spoken to a few solicitors in the TA, including my old CO, who say it is managable.

    I too went for a civil service job and found them to be pretty hostile towards it, despite being told that the public sector are good employers from a TA perspective.
  9. If you get tight for time consider looking at the specialist/national sqn's too - there's some law related stuff there although don't know if any of it is in your field.

    It's always managable given decent hierachy on both sides.
  10. Its a funny old world - these days companies put a cross against your name as soon as they read T.A on your CV.

    I have three lads from my platoon also working under me at my civilian job - Again funny because my boss being ex-TA did not want to take any of them on because ofcommitments these days

    haha he had no choice when we could not get the right candidates though !

    It started with one already working there when i transfered from another department. We then had taken another one on and when he was deployed to Iraq i replaced him with another from the Platoon. However he just got back from ops and we needed another staff member - so knowing the job they gripped him.

    Lucky for us we have done a cpl of tours each, all at different times.
  11. "I'm planning on starting as a trainee solicitor this summer"

    I assume that you have handed in your resignation late to the human race then.
  12. I agree with deckard i have been searching too and again have TA membership on my CV. many jobs I have applied to I would be an ideal candidate, at least warranting an interview, but had no luck. had one interview which went well until asked about possible mobilization :)
  13. Rs1977

    Next time you’re asked about mobilization at a job interview tell them about intelligent mobilization.

    Your potential employer needs to be told that you can only be mobilised if you volunteer, you then need to spin him a big song and dance about how important your career is to you and how you have no intention of volunteering… and they don’t need to know if the last part is true :wink:
  14. A side note about informing your employer that you are in the TA. I read somewhere that if you joined before a certain date ( April 1 2000 and something???) then you don't have to inform them. If you joined after, then by law you do.

    I've been trying to find the exact date but with no luck. Anyone else know out there?
  15. msr

    msr LE


    The MOD will inform them when you re-engage.