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Just after a bit of advice. It's been a while since I've been to N.I (I did two tours, one in 1999, and one in 2002). When I was last there, we were still under Op-Banner, so there was still a bit of a security issue for serving members of the forces.

This time I'm hopefully returning to N.I for civilian work. I wondered if anyone could give me advice on security measures please. My main concern is that in order to apply for work, I'm going to have to send my C.V to people I don't really know. The majority of work experience on my C.V is from the Army, therefore it's not really going to be a secret that I'm ex forces, and given the recent happenings with P.C Ronan Kerr etc, should I be doing things to protect myself i.e. limiting the amount of people I tell?

I'm not sure if I'm making to much out of this, but allot of ex-soldiers will realise that we didn't really leave camp without being armed in the not-so-distant passed.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Rather than rely on advice from this site,the quality of which can be somewhat variable, I would be inclined to ring up the Northern Ireland Police Service and have a chat with a crime prevention officer.

The context of the advice will probably depend upon the type of jobs that you are applying for and where you intend to settle.

Good luck with the move!

The advice I was given it's my choice whether I put TA stuff on the form but you should be aware that the Threat level is severe and that precautions have to be taken. These include not showing any military stuff around the place, checking under the car, no reference to military on fb been careful when talking when in the general public areas. etc etc
SP - Yeah, that seems like a sensible idea. The PSNI probs have experience in giving advice to ex home service boys etc.

Skid2 - Not sure that posting under a pseudo on this website would make me a target, even if someone were able to get my IP, there wouldn't be much chance someone would make the link between that and a random civvie in N.I. I'm not posting my address, photos, what area I'll be working etc.

JK - Again sound advice, guess stuff like that will still be a course of daily life in N.I for years to come.

I wonder how guys from N.I who have served deal with this. There must be an awful lot of Royal Irish guys who apply for civvie jobs with mil stuff on their C.Vs. The problem I have is that without the qualifications I gained in the military on my C.V, it's unlikely that I would be short-listed for interview for the work type of work I want to do. Even if I were to omit my military service, it would leave a massive gap in my work history.

Guess I'll contact the PSNI as SP suggested. Seems the most sensible thing to do.

Cheers guys


Up until recently I have been applying for every job under the sun in NI. I'm a peelers kid and both my personal referees are ex-army current, psni officers... the main security measure I take when filling out forms is never to actually write any of my referees details on there, not even the part where it asks their profession, writing instead in the gap or at the end of my CV that "References are available on request and only in cases where a job is actually offered."

I know a few forces types who simply mask their service as "Civil Service" on their CVs and certainly when I was sent to primary school I was told in no uncertain terms to never to refer to my dad as a policeman - I was to tell anyone that asked that he was civil service.

Just as has been already mentioned general precautions are checking under your car (had to do it myself last night after seeing a strange shape under it as I walked home ), never engaging in political or religious discussions with total strangers or vague acquaintances and generally keeping your mil background hush hush.

Another family member had to call in a workman the other day to fix something... she recognized the guy that showed up as being from a well known local paramilitary connected republican family and suddenly realised he had clocked the photos in her living room of her in uniform and of a cousin in service dress. So even though it might not be immediately obvious - remove your personal photos that identify you as ex forces before letting strangers into your house if you can.

Good luck with looking jobs over here by the way, there's not many decent posts about!
As said above, a lot depends on, Type, Location etc of the job. Then you have which area you are thinking of to settle in. For anyone to advise on here, you would need to supply these details, but I wouldn't as thats your Persec out the window. Even by PM's you are only talking to anonymous people on a open internet site. This is the link to the PSNI home page, where you can find contact numbers for the HQ or any police station in Northern Ireland. They will be able to give you up to-date info.As I sure you are aware there has been an increase in the Dissident threat. Home | Police Service of Northern Ireland

Having said that Northern Ireland is a heck of a lot safer now, and safer than the major cities around the world. You just have to apply common sense, and not be paranoid about the security situation.
The vast majority of people are friendly, and just want to be left alone to get on with their everyday life.
Plus you have some of the most scenic places in the UK on your doorstep,that people from around the world pay big money to come and see.
I wish you every success, in you job hunt, and at least give our wee Province a chance to show you our better side.
Boozy & HHH,

Thanks again, really good advice. Masking my service as Civil Service is a feasible option. Also, good advice with regards to references on C.V's and photos in the house.

I wasn't really sure how far I'd have to go with security, but I guess not leaving things to chance can only be a good thing. Reading some of your comments has just reiterated the fact that there's still a requirement to practice personal security, but like HHH says, most of it is common sense.

It's also true that N.I is allot safer than many other places in the world. Also, there happen to be allot of jobs in my sector; that coupled with places like the Antrim Coast to visit on weekends make it an attractive place to live. The comparison between mainland house prices and cost of general living is allot more reasonable too.

Thanks again guys.


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Didn't mean to be so short. Been an early start to the day. It looks like you've got the advice you were looking for. Watch out for for vehicles with Southern plates, not for any sense of security, just general road safety and chinese people driving mercs in south belfast.
Keep an eye and an ear on the kids too. Favoured niece had it drummed into her that she was on no account to tell anyone at her primary school that 'Daddy was in the army'.
Uncle Skid on school run gets hauled by teacher the line being that niece had told the whole class that Daddy wasn't in the army.........he was a policeman.
Good luck


Keep an eye and an ear on the kids too. Favoured niece had it drummed into her that she was on no account to tell anyone at her primary school that 'Daddy was in the army'.
Uncle Skid on school run gets hauled by teacher the line being that niece had told the whole class that Daddy wasn't in the army.........he was a policeman.
Could be worse, Baby Boozy once announced to her grandfather that her daddy "used to be in the UDA"... to which the man nearly had a heart attack... what I had actually meant to say but been terribly confused about being a tot was that he had been in the UDR!!!
One of my family members is in the police and she's a right twat! She posts loads of things on facebook, controversial things. She posts on the PSNI facebook pages and it says where abouts she lives. She is such a twat.

Depends what jobs you are applying for however I don't think employers will be a threat for yourself. As suggested, contact the PSNI and see what they have to say about it. Good luck mate and hope you eventually have fun here in NI!
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