Applying for FHTB

Hi, the JSP464 guide notes contain the following info about applying for FHTB:

3. Application Procedure. When an eligible applicant has found a qualifying property they wish to purchase, has spoken to a mortgage provider and obtained the services of a legal representative, they may submit a JPA on-line application to DBS Mil Pers, FHTB Section, through their CO (or authorised representative) as per paragraph 1 above, only in exceptional circumstances may a JPA Form E035 be used. An individual having applied on-line and gained approval is to use only the JPA printout to gather all required certifying signatures and forward to the DBS Mil Pers, FHTB Section.

As I understand it, they only issue the 'PIN' to your solicitor when you are ready to complete on the purchase.

If a mortgage lender is pre-approving an application and they asked for the source of the deposit - do they provide any information or evidence. If you apply online and gain approval, does the JPA print-out show that you qualify and confirm the amount? Could I then provide this to a mortgage lender to show I have proof of deposit?

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