Applying for ATO when not in the RLC


Thinking of joining up as an officer with the aim of going infantry, but wondered whether it was possible at a later date to try for eod/ato even though I wouldn't be in the RLC?



Why would you join the infantry as an officer and then want to do EOD? While (at the moment) you could do so, I would submit that if you want a full inf career you should concetrate on going inf - equally, ato is a career path in the RLC and is broader and deeper than a short EOD course.....
The ATO course is nearly 18 months long and not cheap..

I would think it would be unlikely that they would let an Infantryman do it without a transfer.

The "zero to hero" AA EOD Destroyer course does not automatically lead to high threat and seems, at this point in time, to lead nowhere for the current Inf that have attended it..

As R_F hints, this course is not likely to survive the current operation..
If it hasn't already I know the Defence EOD operator course will no longer be open to officers outside RLC, RE and Navy/RAF equivalents. In short if you want to be an ATO, join the RLC.

There is a documentary in BBC 1 on 13 Sept entitled Bomb Squad following an RLC officer ATO on tour in Afghan. Will be worth watching if you're interested in the ATO course.
Is the OP covering all his bases in the pursuit of gallantry medals?
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