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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Any helpful, sensible suggestions and credible grown up input please add it here.
  2. 1. contact local police firearms licensing office
    2. Request paperwork for Shotgun or section 1
    3. read application form prior to filling it out
    4.Return form to Firearms licencing with all checks completed (cheque enclosed, photographs enclosed)
    5. Await call to confirm a visit from the licensing team

    It is not necessary to have a gun cabinet fitted prior to gaining a certificate, if accepted you will be required to fit one and have it checked before the certificate is given to you.

    Seems easy on the outside, I've been waiting four months so far, but its worth the wait.
  3. Start badgering them on a weekly basis. Would you accept this level of service from any other county council department? Tell them to do some digital extraction and otherwise write to your MP. It's not a privilege it's a right.
  4. Which plod have you applied to? Some are much better than others.
  5. Kent Police approved mine this week.

    Send loads of supporting evidence; BASC membership, stalking cert, and previous experience with firearms AND all convictions- don't hide anything! The guy who visited brought my record of a "spent" from 1972.
    Also sent a page detailing what rifles/calibres and why they were needed.

    I guess the main comment is "Show them you are serious"

    It's been maybe 4 weeks for the admin and checks and maybe another 4 to issue the cert.

    PM me for the very minor hoops and solutions.
  6. Helpful hints might be better wording.

    There are no hoops, loopholes and short cuts to obtaining a firearms certificate. :roll:
  7. Unless you were in Strathclyde prior to 1997.. :X
  8. Could you please elaborate on your post EX_STAB, I used to live in Strathclyde and would be interested to know what you are referring to, as I can't recall them being particularly lax when I applied for my license.
  9. Well Hamilton was allowed to keep his
  10. Does the name Hamilton ring any bells? Perhaps we should leave it for a thread of its own.
  11. I'm pretty sure that would have been Central Scotland Police and not Strathclyde.
  12. You are correct. My mistake.

    Same thing keeps happening across the country though in one form or another, witness the police officer shot in Shropshire earlier this year. FAC holder was known to police for violence.
  13. I've had an FAC issued by Strathclyde since 1990 and have always found them to be helpful and very thorough.

    No, I think you'll find that possession of firearms is a privilege.
  14. Procedure in NI:

    Note: A FAC is required for any firearm, including air rifles and shotguns.

    1. Go to PSNI station and collect application pack. Can also be downloaded if you have lots of ink and paper.
    2. Complete forms and return, with fee, to PSNI Firearms & Explosives Branch. If more than one weapon is intended to be held, its possession must be justified, so two shotguns requires a 'one for clays and one for game' stylee statement.
    3. Wait many months for under-resourced PSNI to carry out med check with your GP, confirm you have permission to shoot over specified land, and two references.
    4. When notified that FAC will be granted, install gun cabinet and await PSNI inspection.
    5. Collect weapon from dealer.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Nope, it's a right provided that you fulfil the statutory requirements. Check out the Bill of Rights of 1689: "That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law".