Applying before being up to physical standard

Hey guys,

Was just wondering, should I apply online as soon as I can even though I don't think I'm physically up to snuff just yet and then use the time until AOSB/Main Board to train more OR should I get as physically fit as possible before even applying. I'm asking since the current timescale from application to RMAS seems to be nearly a year and everyone advises applying as soon as you can.

On that note, I'm currently doing runs, cycling and bodyweight exercises, should I start lifting some serious weight? All the advice I've seen so far emphasises running and tabbing.

Also before the PERSEC police come for me, my name isn't Dave and I'm not from Devon.
Apply and crack on with your phys. Use it as added motivation.


Absolutely, it takes a long while to get your fitness up. The sooner you start the better.


Plenty of running, upper body work is good and necessary, but you don't need to be a bodybuilder.

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