Apply for Campaign Medals?

Slightly different theme from my usual mindless drivel, and probably posted in the wrong forum, but here goes.

My Dad, like millions of others, served during WW2.
Upon demob he was informed that if he wished to receive his campaign medals an application had to be made to the war office.

Being someone miffed, and being of similar mentality to myself, there then followed explicit instructions of where "pen pushing conchies etc" could insert said medals, especially the spiky star shaped ones.

Over the past few years, usually around Remembrance Day, I find myself in a dilemma. Whilst I respect his reasons for not applying, could it be possible he actually regrets not having them, but is too proud to ask?

Therefore should I write to the MOD, and then hand them over to him, justifying it with something along the lines of, "Look you stubborn old arrse, you're entitled to them, here they are, and at least you'll have something symbolic to chuck at visiting politicians".

Or should I leave well alone?

Your input would be welcome.
Do it for him mate, stubborn old bast*** may grumble a bit , mine did when I did it for him but I was glad to see them on his chest before he died .
Get them on the sly for him, don't make a big thing out of giving them to him just commenting how valuable his service has been and that he can nip down the pub and tell all the youngsters that he fought a war for them so they could sit here and bitch and moan.

On the other hand some times the oldies feel guilty that they made it back and got medals while their friend never returned. I think it will depend on how you actually present/ give them to him. I know I would be proud, and tell him so, also I’d make my old man get the beers in.
Grumblin_subalten said:
also I’d make my old man get the beers in.
LOL my old man bought more beers the day I gave him his than I can ever remember LOL, one of the best pi** ups I can remember and did he and his old cronies tell some tales.....great day :D
I was in a similar situation. My granddad was in the Home Guard and at the end of the war my gramdma wouldn't let him apply for his Defence Medal.

Years later I wrote to the Army Medal Office with his details and his current address. I received a prompt reply and a year later his medal arrived in the post just in time for the 50th Anniversary celebration of VE Day. He was really chuffed.

You should do it. It's a part of your family history.


Got my old man his LSGC (qualified in 1958) and my uncle his defence medal.

Both of them dead now and the medals, along with the others they were awarded, now adorn the wall of my study. Definitely well worth the effort.
Well worth applying. I filled in the paperwork for my mother's Defence and War medals a few years ago and they arrived in about four months (far quicker than my ACSM!).

In that rather quirky, truly British manner, they come in a box with the George VI cypher on it!

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