Applied for the TA..

Been and had a look round my local(ish) TA centre which has the medics based there and got given all my forms to fill out (ultimate death by paperwork) but I really am confused about the fitness test, everyone keeps telling me different things.
The captain I spoke to yesterday said I will have to do the run in 13 minutes or less and then do atleast 50 situps and 21 pressups in 2 minutes.
But I spoke to a ssgt today and he said there are no situps or pressups in the selections, there are various carry and weight lifting tests and the run but no situps or pressups.
Anyone got a better idea?
I can do the situps fine and im getting closer and closer to my run time every week but as for the press ups im shocking. I can do them fine in 'woman form' but as for an actual army press up I struggle to do 2!
Just keep practising those pressups! You will get better at it.
On selection all i did was;

1.5 mile run

Lifting 55kg (i think) 1.45m (i think)

static lift

pullups (cant fail on those, just an idea of fitness/strength)

Carrying jerrycans

and a weird pushing forward with your groin (sounds gay but its the only way i can describe it) whilst pushing back with your upperback.

I got tested on pushups/situps on phase 1 and 2.
Im really worried about the press-ups.. I just seriously cant do them.
I dunno if im doing something wrong or whether im just some kind of freak whos body isnt built to be able to do them but I just cant.
Ive been struggling on with them for weeks and weeks now and I have a go every day.. =(
Are you:
A Student?
There's your problem then. Practice!


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I've been out of the loop for well over a year now, but unless things have changed radically, the selection regime is as follows:

Arrivals & safety brief
OC's opening address
BARB test
Military skills lesson
Physical Selection Standards (Recruits)
Risk reduction run
TA terms and conditions of service presentation
Military skills practical test
Team tasks
Military skills written test
OC's closing address

The run time for all potential recruits, you are not a recruit until you have passed selection, no matter what arm, service, age or sex is 14 minutes. If you pass selection and if then you complete phase 1 and 2 training you time for a 2.4km run is reduced, this is dependant on age/sex, however an male of 30yrs or under will be expected to complete the distance in 10 minutes 30 seconds or less.

There are three possible outcomes from you visit to ADSC (P), pass, fail or deferment.
Of all the physical tests that you will take when you go for your Selection, the 1.5 mile run will be the result one that can fail you. It is a Risk Reduction Run which basically means that it will determine if you are actually fit enough to start recruit training. The cut off time is 14 mins, but do yourself a huge favour and don't use this as a target time. The reason I say that is because by the end of your recruit training you should be able to pass a Personal Fitness Test, which for a male under 30 would mean running 1.5 miles in under 10mins 30sec.

When I was being trained to be an Instructor at ADSC, the Regular staff told us that they recommended to the ACIO recruiters that the candidates should be running about 11 mins 30 secs by the time they attend Selection in order that they stand a realistic chance of progressing through Phase 1 without too many dramas. They recommended that we do the same for our (TA) recruits.

There are no press ups and sit ups on the Selection weekend, but it is advisable that you start training on them as they will feature as a standard part of your fitness regime throughout your recruit training and after.

A chap called falling plate was the ADSC guru on here. Don't know if he's still about or even involved in Selection, but worth sending him a message if you have any more questions.

Good luck mate and keep us updated on how your recruit training goes!
If you can only do 2 then do 2, rest or do some other exercise and then do another 2. You'll get there eventually.


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Should have added that the 9 PSSR - Physical Selection Standard for (Recruits) tests are:

1. BMI
2. Height
3. Weight
4. Heaves
5. Static lift
6. Dynamic Lift
7. Back Extensions
8. Jerry Can Carry
9. 1.5 mile run

1-3 is usually conducted at your medical.
5,6 & 7 are conducted on specialist equipment.
geordieblonde said:
Im really worried about the press-ups.. I just seriously cant do them.
I dunno if im doing something wrong or whether im just some kind of freak whos body isnt built to be able to do them but I just cant.
Ive been struggling on with them for weeks and weeks now and I have a go every day.. =(
to help get your body used to push-ups start doing them on your knees and when you get 40 - 45 out like that, then go onto your toes

also try different types of push-ups
Ahhh thanks guys you're really helping me out.
My boyfriend is in the regs and keeps trying to talk me through it but hes 300 odd miles away and fit as a butchers dog so of course it all sounds like piss to him.
Im almost down to 13 minutes on the run now, its just the pressups are haunting me.. Gets me so worked up I feel like throwing in the towel completely sometimes :x
GB, Worry not, I have been in the same situation myself and have a brilliant trick.

Start with press-ups against a wall (just pushing yourself away from the wall with the right position). Get these right and spot on. Do at least 60 in your two minutes. Do them at every opportunity during the day.

Then go to press-ups on stairs (you are pushing more of your body weight). Repeat.

Go to press-ups on a chair (even more of your body weight). Get these spot on. Repeat.

THEN finally move to press-ups on the floor. You will find that you have to work your core a lot harder than you thought (hence why girly press-ups are rubbish for getting to this stage). You will need to tense your stomach and create a solid plank with your body. Repeat.

Trust me, it works...
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