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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by casey_fle, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Im hoping for a trade as a carpenter, bricklayer, or building and structual finisher in the Royal Engineers!

    However i left school 2 years ago, im now 17.5 and only have these grades:

    E = maths
    D = english
    DD= science
    C = P.E

    I did spend a year to become a carpenter at college (City & Guilds, i think lol) and passed!

    Any suggestions or advice for me?

  2. Okay.. here's what I have heard before..

    You ideally should meet the required GCSE grades (or have equivalent qualifications).. however some other forms of quals can be accepted, depending on where you fall short etc. and what is required of you. Hope that helps.. somehow.. the best way to find out is to get on the online careers office or get in touch mate, as it's kind of a specific question requiring a specific answer.
  3. Thanks a lot m8!
    I've got an informal interview on Friday with the careers person,
    i'll ask them about the qualifications needed and stuff like that,
    any advice on which trade is the best? I'm looking at Carpenter, Bricklayer, Structual finisher, and i quite fancy Plant operator, if you could tell me a few of the pros and cons that they don't show on the website that would be greatly appreciated!

    Oh and what trade are you in and is being a sapper as good as it looks?

    Cheers for answering!
  4. Well.. I aint gonna lie.. I'm not in the Army at the moment.

    Bricklayers apparently are "Slowed" or something.. you lay a lot of bricks and it's either that civvie bricklaying is much faster or the other way around.. whatever you take from that I don't know!

    Planty is said to be one of the better trades, in the sense that you get to use a lot of impressive kit and such like, and it tends to be quite varied.

    To be a sapper is a very multi-talented job.. to say the least. Go for it, find out what you can, but don't go there with too high hopes regarding your choice of jobs/ whether it matches your qualifications at this stage... well I wouldn't anyway.. :)

    I had a lot of dedication in the past, aka. being sad and looking into everything.. that's why it might seem that I know a lot of crap..
  5. Have a word with a recruiter in your local AFCO. You may be able to get a shaded pass on your maths. You only require three Ds in Maths/English and Science to become a chippy.

    Alternatively, you could go back to college and re-take your GCSEs with the help of an Army bursary. The Army could sponsor you through college with £300 in your first term, £700 in second with £1000 on sucessful completion of trade trading. Once you've completed your college course you will be gauranteed a job in the Army in your choosen trade.

    Speak to your local careers office.
  6. Forgot to mention ... Yes we are the b0ll0cks!
  7. and the dogs at that :)