applied for regulars but can i apply for T.A's too


Ive applied 2 join the regular army ( royal artillery) but i want know can i also join my local T.A unit ( 104 Regiment Royal Artillery ) just bulid my fitness up.
If you don't pick one, they'll both think that your heart isn't really in it.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, I thought from your username you were officer type. By 'differently' did you mean 'definately'?

April Fools jokes are supposedly to stop at 12 lunch time, not go on into the 2nd of April.
Why do people call it the "TA's"? Isn't that what the character out of The League Of Gentleman was in and used to call it all of the time? The TA's?

Is there more than one TA? Do the TA have a sneaky offshoot department also called the TA that then makes them plural?

On a serious note and this is by no means slating the TA that provide much needed additional manpower to overstretched Regulars (except the cowardly war dodging instructor lecturer types), why even think about going TA if you want to soldier as a living? Go regular first, if it doesn’t work out, try the TA.


Or go TA first and see how much you enjoy it?