Hi I’m new to the forum, I came on looking for advice as Im in process of applying to join Int Corps preferably after going to RMAS, i've got an interview with officer liaison coming and wondering what’s the best method to take. I had one mid last year when I was finishing my degree and all I really got from the guy was blah blah not really interested this was after I told him id initially applied to be an intelligence commando officer in the RM but an eye injury has kept me from joining a combat arm.
Spoke to someone using army online recruitment he said I should go for 2nd interview and basically force the guy to put my application forward. IS this possible or if he doesn’t think so does it end there?
Any help would be appreciated


well you can't apply to be "an intelligence commando officer in the RM" for a start so i'd imagine your eye injury would have been the least of your worries there. In terms of your interview and whether you can "force" them to make a decision, no, you can't, do a lot more research before your interview or you won't get much further than you did last time.
I echo Chris's response; you need to do a lot more research before you can think about trying for a commission. I strongly recommend that you work your way through all these threads first!


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