Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by bennyhp, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi I’m new to the forum, I came on looking for advice as Im in process of applying to join Int Corps preferably after going to RMAS, i've got an interview with officer liaison coming and wondering what’s the best method to take. I had one mid last year when I was finishing my degree and all I really got from the guy was blah blah not really interested this was after I told him id initially applied to be an intelligence commando officer in the RM but an eye injury has kept me from joining a combat arm.
    Spoke to someone using army online recruitment he said I should go for 2nd interview and basically force the guy to put my application forward. IS this possible or if he doesn’t think so does it end there?
    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Look at the 'stickies' at the top of this forum for answers to your questions.

    Are you really a graduate?
  3. Has to be, he was going to be an intelligence commando officer, they don't take just any old scrote from the streets, y'know. Choosy, see, not like the Int Corps.
  4. ... or CR's been at the scrumpy again and feeling frolicky...
  5. 1. Read the information the stickies as advised.
    2. I hope your spelling and punctuation is better than that displayed above.
    3. Who was this 'officer liaison' person? PM me don't post his/her name on the forum.
    4. What is the nature of the eye injury? We are a Combat Support Arm and need fully fit officers and soldiers.
    4. What degree are you taking and are you a member of the UOTC.
    5. A career as a RM Cdo IO will be shortlived (unless to transfer to the INT CORPS when Brigadier is entirely possible).
  6. Commando Intelligence Officer? Have to admit that this is a new one on me, unless we are talking re unit Int Sections, Brigade Int or other.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?
  7. you can't make this stuff up :)

    anyway, we've already got the Intelligence Commando Association based at chickers, so stop making fun of the lad.

    mind you, he probably can't read this, being blind and all.
  8. Ohhhh...I'm only down the road. Send me a membership form!

  9. Sorry, who's this cunt?

    That's right! G2LB has arrived to welcome the new boy with a classic charm offensive!
  10. Your next "Best friend".......?