Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by LukeAA, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi sorry to bother you guys. I was planning on putting my Application in to the ARMY in October, But i was speaking to one of my friends, who said that I can put my Application in now, but wait until October to do my 2 day Selection/Medical is that correct?

    If so all I have to do is go to the Careers Office and Put in My Application form select around October time, and thats all set?

    Im currently working out at the gym and Swimming Monday to Friday and having Saturday and Sunday as resting days.
    But not really confident with my upper body but am working on it at the gym with my instructors.

    Thanks for any advice

    Oh if anyone is intrested i'm wanting to join Infantry - Air Assault


  2. yes you can itll take a few weeks to get up to the selection bit anyway
  3. Luke it all depends on how quick you want to get in the Army the process can take up to three months usually, you can go down your careers office and get some information from them.

    The way it works

    1. Application form filled in
    2. BARB
    3. Medical with your doctor
    4. Interview with a recruiter
    5. Interview with senior recruiter.
    6. Two day assesment
    7. Attestation - enlistment into the Army

    This can take a while all depends on medicals and how well you get on in the BARB and interviews.

    All the best
  4. Ok wicked Thanks for your help guys, I also just spoke with the army online who said that i can book the Barb in for October or after when ever suits me so thats good think i'll make a visit soon :)

    Thanks again


  5. Looks like those ferking adverts are working then :D
  6. heh nah i've wanted to be Infantry since i was a young kid, but yea i guess i picked Air-Assault from the Adverts and what it says on the dvd and in the book sounds like my type of thing..
    Is it such a bad thing the adverts are working? lol
  7. No mate I'm glad they are! Bums on seats as it were.