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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Roscoe1724, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Hey folks!

    Im currently serving REME and want to transfer to the Int Corps.

    I just recieved word today that I was declined.

    The SPSO informed me that although I have more than enough qualifications, I have the WRONG ones.

    Can anyone tell me why my Computing Science GCSE is unacceptable? Because this baffles me.

    I left his office with a very distinct feeling that I had just been kicked squarely in the nuts, but after some clear thinking, Im not going to take this lying down and I intend to apply for external learning while staying in the REME, gain the GCSE the int corps wants and try again.

    At the moment I have (which the int corps wants):
    Maths (GCSE)
    English (A-Level)
    Science (GCSE)
    Geography (GCSE)

    Can anyone tell me what else the corps requires?

    I guess my major downfall is that I chose to take General Science, so I could always take one of the individual sciences, but is there anything else?

    Any and all help would be appreciated.
  2. The int corps think they are clever. A more apt name would be slightly less stupid but still pritty.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You'll need to translate this into English before anyone's going to reply.
  4. I think hes trying to say...

    "The Int Corps is not as smart as they think they are, a more appropriate name would be the not so smart but still quite smart corps"

    How original, not heard that one before... the amount of stick i've had from people is outrageous.

    The usuall suspects, like...

    MI? Contradiction in terms, innit?

    *sigh* Jealous I reckon. I learn to ignore them.
  5. Blimey, I'd never get in these days if you actually need qualifications! :D Nine year old O-Level English Language, History and Geography (all at grade C) were all I brought to the party :oops: (that is I had done my O-Levels nine years previously, not as a nine year old - although I would probably have done better taking them when I was 9, prior to having my desire to learn more or less snuffed out by being drafted away from Grammar School to join in the first year of compulsory Comprehensive Education) :x . :D
  6. Yeah... suffice to say im a bit gutted! And all my grades are A's and B's!

    But, smiling in the face of adversity! I'll get in! I'll just play ball, get the GCSE I need and try again.

    I could do GCSE Biology in my sleep, so I might try that. I was in the process of doing A-Level Human Biology when I suddenly felt the need to join the Army... and now... with a little 20-20 hindsight I should have waited 5 months and THEN joined! Bugger!
  7. If you are serving, perhaps you need to find the number of the recruiting WO2 In HQ D Int and give him a bell.

    If the role still exists??

  8. Hmmm... might ask the nice Hive lady about that one!
  9. If it's any encouragement I transferred from the REME and never once regretted it :D . It took me 5 years and 3 knockbacks (once I was considered a bit young (still in brats) and the other two I was serving in a protected trade :x ) but didn't give up. Do as has been suggested and get in touch with the Corps direct - showing a little bit of initiative won't harm your cause at all.

    Good luck.
  10. My, my there is some bitterness on this forum today. Few people in the Corps claim to be clever.....!
  11. Cheers man... I dont intend to give up!

    I already contacted Chicksands ages ago, in order to gain some detailed info on the corps. My SPSO was impressed at how much research I had done and when I told him I had called chicksands for some first hand info he said he would put my app straight in. Then this happens.

    Think its time for another phone call.

    Cheers folks!

    Unfortunately when I was in the recruitment office they kinda pushed me into the REME, so I moved my first choice of Int Corps (I was actually offered it) to 2nd choice.

    I got almost to the end of my Avionics course when I decided that waking up every morning dreading going to work was NOT why I joined the army in the first place.

    As im sure you can appreciate, as a civvie, I didnt know much about how the army worked and the recruiter made Avionics sound like the dogs bollocks. Dont get me wrong, Avionics is a fantastic trade its just not for me.
  12. What lightning47 said. I got my transfer eventually by signing off as a SNCO in another Corps - often the problem is with your own people, rather than the Int Corps. Keep plugging at it, if you're right for the Corps, you'll find a way.

    Bear in mind that lightning47 is a poor choice of mentor as he's one of my oldest known associates and hence inherently suspect
  13. Hey Roscoe1724, I'm also currently transfering, but in need of grade improvement 8O

    Qualifications Required

    Direct Entry

    5 GCSE at grade C or above
    (1 must be in English)


    3 GCSE at grade C or above
    (1 must be in English) or (CLM will be accepted) :cry:

    Preferred Rank of Cpl to SSgt (SSgt may revert to Sgt)

    Pte to Lcpl maybe considered

    Contact Chicksand recruiting WO2 I'll PM you the number.

    If it's qualification's then you have until the middle of January to apply to do distant learning for May 08 GCSE Examination's (see Education Centre, or Open Uni)
  14. Redford,

    Stay in Edinburgh! - We're the Intelligence Corps and not the Intelligent Corps.

  15. comedy gold. :highfive: