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A few questions if you wouldn't mind. Got the formal interview scheduled tomorrow (30/04/08) and although I'm fairly clued up on most things there is a few things I'd still like to know...

How long is the interview going to take?

What types of things will they ask? (I was told to study the job briefs in depth)

What is the time frame between interview and ADSC?

My total body strength is top notch, jerry can carry, heaves, back extensions, 50kg clean and press etc will be no problem. However my CV fitness is not so good, my run time is a p*ss poor 12 mins at the moment. Is there enough time between now and selection to get that time down? (Looking to join the RE btw)

I personally plan on passing this first time but do people fail? If so what happens to them?

Anybody on here in the RE, if so what do you reckon on the regiment?

Thanks in advance.
1. Interview takes anywhere from 40 to 60minutes

2.They should ask you some information about your job choice. I was never asked :? But study anyway. They ask about your family what your hobbies/ interests are. How your keeping fit.

3. Interview-ADSC for me is taking a month. It varies.

4.If he/she feels your not fit enough they can differ you until such time they feel you can go for ADSC

5. Yes people fail, some get differed. Some cant go back. All depends what happens

Hope this helps

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