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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by little_bean, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before but I can't find anything about it...

    I'm currently in the process of joining the Regular Army, but know that I am in for a wait until at least May next year to get to Basic Training. Therefore in the meantime I'm interested in joining the TA and getting military experience. Is this possible or is it a 'one or the other' decision?

    Also, are the entry fitness standards the same for TA as the Regulars. Can't seem to get hold of my recruiter at the moment so hopefully get some sort of answer here.

  2. Without trying to sound rude/a tosser, dont do it.

    By the time your application is processed ie interviews, barb test, medicals, selection day etc etc and then actually starting your ta basic training it would be time to start transferring straight away.

    "They" say that the ta application can take around 6 months, surely you can wait till then. Because of cut backs etc basic training are few and far between so finding one that is being run and then getting your name on it might prove tricky.

    You would piss a lot of people off by putting them through all the work of taking you on training and paperwork etc that they wouldnt take it too well if as soon as you are to be taken on strength by them, you then transfer.

    I recommend you wait out till then if its possible.
  3. I have to agree with Homer, in the current conditions the application process will take a while. If you are due to start in May anyway you will struggle to get the process going.

    It does no harm to go down to your local unit for a chat anyway, circumstances are always changing and they may be able to get a place on a phase 1 course for you at short notice. If for any reason your start date of May getts pushed back at least you will have started the ball rolling with the TA training.

    I would be honest enough with the recruiting staff at the TA centre (though maybe not tell them quite how soon your start date is!) We get quite a lot of guys joining with the intention of going regular.

    I just wouldnt be expecting too much in a few months, you MAY get lucky, but more than likely you will not even have uniform issued buy the time you start in May!
  4. Joining the TA will more than likely sod up your regular application. The problem is that I know lads that have been fully trained in the TA, then asked to go regular and had to go through the whole recruitment process again.

    As mentioned above, it will take a couple of months to get in the TA, and then you wouldn't finish training by the time your start date might come.

    It's really what you want to do. If you are heart set on joining the regulars, then wait out and enjoy the time you have. If you are still shaky about it, want some experience and don't mind a bit of a setback at the other end if you do decide the army is for you - then think about the TA. I was in a similar situation to when I was first joining up for the regs. I turned to the TA as I was still a tad unsure about the army being for me - and I've stuck with the TA since.

    Have you passed your selection and all that jazz?
  5. Thanks for the cracking replies everyone! Sounds like I would be better just waiting it out for the regulars. I've already decided I want to go for it, that isn't in question, I just thought that getting some experience would stand me in good stead and perhaps make the transition from civvie to soldier a bit easier seen as I've been dossing around as a student for the last three years!!

    I haven't passed selection yet, my run time is a bit of a disaster so I'm working on that before I get sent to Glencourse. Basically once I have passed that the next intake for the trade I am applying to isn't going to be until the new recruiting year which apparently starts next April. I'm also female which narrows the intakes down too as they aren't as regular as the male intakes and obviously they like to put you in a basic training that will - hopefully - directly preceed phase two.
  6. I'm in the joining / just got attested phase of TA and would agree with all of the above.

    Go running for six months. :)