Application to enlistment-average times

Just wondering what sort of time I can expect to wait from when I put in my application (early Jan) until hopefully, when I start. Also what sort of format does the application process take. I'm applying as a Design Draughtsman in the RE. Also I'm applying from overseas (Eire). Thanks.
Not to sound too dramatic, but applying from Rep. of Ireland is a f*cking nightmare, has been for me anyway!!! They carry out a CTC (Counter Terrorism Check) on you to make sure you have no connection/affiliation to any terrorist organisation etc. I passed all tests Interviews, BARB test, ADSC etc in August and I'm still waiting to start training!!! Not only that, but I handed the CTC forms over in June so all in all seven months waiting thus far!! I havent lived in Ireland for a few years yet they still have to do this f*cking check!! Get those forms filled in and sent off as soon as you get them. Best of luck.

Cheers Easy.
I applied from the South as well and I'll echo what SF said. I placed my application to Belfast last January. I start basic training this coming February. Paperwork took 8 months. After that it was question of places. So get it in quick, make copies, and make sure its accurate, otherwise it will only come back to haunt you and you will be waiting longer.

It is highly frustrating, but you are not alone, so stick with it.

Good Luck :)

it has taken me over a year firstly due to very long medical delays for checks on an injury I sustained when I was TWELVE I had to see three army doctors who all seemed to want another opinion, any way since then it's been so slow, the army haven't called me once! I have had to keep the contact going to the extent that I called asking when my selection was to find out it was in three days time,and they were "going to call me" soon to let me know, My recruiter didn't even turn up for my BARB test on the day and time agreed meaning I took a whole day of work for nothing. I found out today my intake is in 6 months, rather than the 3 months i was hoping for basically due to the very long, slow, unorganised and damn right rude application process! Still can't wait to start though!!!
I joined the RAF in 84 & it took nearly 18 months from start to finish.It's the CTC that takes the longest over here.
I applied way back in september and got my BARB within a few weeks, filled in my medical stuff and handed it to my doctor for him to fill in and pass up the chain.......still waiting. It's now December and my doctor still hasn't sent off my documents.

NHS efficiency.
On the recruiting side we fully understand the frustration this causes. Unfortunately the checks have to be carried out in full and are outside the control of HQ Recruiting.. I would echo the comments above about accuracy, please, please take your time and get the details right. In most cases you can expect it to take over 8 months for the checks.
I applied in march, did ADSC in July and enlisted on the 7th to go to basic on the 2nd jan 07

so all in all between 9-10 months. like a baby lol
just a tip on the medical questionnaire, dont wait for the doctor to send it say you will pick it up and take it to the careers office yourself will save some time.
did it really take up to 5 months from ADSC?? man i was hoping to go to basic before march and im only at my interview stage(4th jan my inteview)!! that takes the piss i just want to go already.
I filled in the application form on July 1st 2006, did my BARB on July 4th, got my medical questionaire back to the recruiters on the 8th (having handed them into my GP on the 1st), and was defferred for twelve months on the 11th! So up until then the process of sorting and sifting through paperwork, which I had expected to be the longest and most frustrating part, took less than two weeks!

Shame I was paused on level one, but hey, considering some of the horror stories you hear I think I was pretty lucky. At least I don't have to go through it again next year!

Good luck!
i applied in june,,, had my BARB test a week afterwards and then my medical was only passed in Novemeber!!! but since then ive had both my interviews and passed selection, i join on 11th march 2007 cnt wait!

my advise is to apply as soon as possible to save delays....good luck!
mine took 5 months from ADSC yeah, had a load more security vettings cos of my job choice. they told me 1st of all i wasnt goin in til may, then end of nov they said 'your enlisting on the 7rh dec' then oh by the way 2nd of jan... lol typical flexibility is required!
catton01 said:
just a tip on the medical questionnaire, dont wait for the doctor to send it say you will pick it up and take it to the careers office yourself will save some time.
how long did it take for the doc to fill it in.As my records have not be sent to the surgery yet.So the doc said when they get there i should make an appointment and then he will add the questionaire to the pile.
i took it in on a monday and got it back on wednesday, but i suppose its because where i live is really small so they had nothing else to do !
catton01 said:
just a tip on the medical questionnaire, dont wait for the doctor to send it say you will pick it up and take it to the careers office yourself will save some time.
Yes i agree with this so much i gave my doctor my medical forms to fill in, in june and by november !!! i was still wating until i contacted my doctor and asked if she sent them off, and turned out she forgot all about them, so i had to get her to fill in more forms and told her i would collect them and take them to my careers office myself and it was sorted out within a week....

good luck on your application !!!
yer and my doctor got paid twice for filling out the forms, because of her losing the 1st one, no wonder there driving posh cars lol

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