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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SCOUSASOILDA, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys n gals,

    was just wondering how long it normally takes from handing your application in to being assigned a place at basic tranning

    i handed my app in about 4 weeks ago

    got my barb done a week later

    but im no0w waiting for my crb back from the police which i had to pay for was just wondering once i get this in to my carrers office,how long ill be waiting for my adsc selection , then on to basic
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  2. Depends what grade you get at ADSC , & what role you are going in for .

    But upto a year I'd say it can take.

    Personally I have been in the process of getting back in for over a year now & so have the other guys on here.

  3. any fitness tips for the adsc m8 anythink will be appreciated

  4. Run outside As much as you can , Also try running with load carrying i.e a bag pack with around 10lb of weight.Get your mile & half down to low as you can but don't stop when your being tested by the army as they fail you for stopping the mile & a half , So even if your plodding along just keep going !

    I suggest getting yourself (if you don't have this already) A pair of good running shoes , If you wear pub trainers on a mile and a half your feet are just going to slap of the hard ground!

    Do Heaves e.g Pull ups too as often as you can , as you get tested on them at ADSC ,

    Also try practicing doing ice breakers , Such as getting your story right so it will last 2 mins .

    Do it infront of a friend the more the better So your not nervous when it comes to it . Seen many crumble on the ice breaker.

    Again Command tasks is all about voicing your idea and making it loud & clear .

    Best of luck.
  5. Applied in April, and passed ADSC 3 weeks ago, i also had to put this back a month due to work, but im waiting on a date now, personally i was expecting a longer wait between applying and this stage.
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