Application to AFC Harrogate

I am currently a student at college, however I have had a passion since a young age to join the army, specifically the REME. I would have liked to have gone straight to AFC Harrogate, however due to some issues at home I could not continue with my application.

My fear now is that I am going to be too old to join up to Harrogate, as I turned 17 two days ago, my family and friends recommend that I go to Harrogate to get an insight it the army before signing on the dotted line which is why I am concerned. However, I have completed a weeks worth of work experience with the army and loved it. I am looking for any advice as I have no idea whether if I apply now, if I could make the March intake (therefore still being within the required ages as the September intake would make me to old) or just wait until I am older and join as an adult. Of course the first choice being preferred.

Basically, I am questioning whether the army will accept my application while under 17 + 5 months and continue to treat me as a junior soldier when I enrol at the college when I could possibly be over the age limit if I am given the September enrolment date and whether this will affect my treatment whilst there as I will be older than majority of the intake. Cheers for any answers in advance!! :)

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