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Im trying to get an idea of how long it is taking people at the moment from application to start date for various units. Im considering joining RMP or Int Corps and was trying to get n idea of how long it might be before i start. I only applied last week and know it could take months to get into either one of these.
Alot of it depends on you and your recruitment officer, the faster you give in the required documents the faster they can process the info. But sometimes it can take ridiculous amounts of time for something simple to be processed. Took me a year but i was on a one year college course and not in a rush so i cant honestly say.
At the moment the time to apply is about 4 months on average. It will take longer for Int Corps due to additional checks and interviews. We have no places for RMP till April 07.
FÜCK! Just typed out a goddamned reply, and the browser fücked up and I'll have to do it again. Screw that, here is the short version.

First went into ACIO end of Jan this year, I had to register with a doctor to get a form filled in, took 2 months. Then took approx 3 months for the medical documents to be cleared. Got a date for my RSC in July, passed that, and then got a date for phase 1 in October.

So from January to October, held up by me registering with a doc, and then the forms getting cleared.

On the contrary, a friend went into the ACIO, and then was in Phase 1 within the month.
I applied in August last year. Took about two months for my GP to send off the documents (I looked at that bloody form, it was all yes or no questions, 50 quid they get paid for that). Then I was still waiting on my references checking out, the AFCO kindly neglected to tell me one didn't quite work out so I needed a new one. About the start of December it all got sorted and I got my final interviews in January, and went for RSC late January.

I buggered RSC. My own fault, didn't put enough effort in. Six month deferral, went back to the AFCO last month and should be going back to RSC later this month. The start date will be in December.

The best thing you can do is to call them up at least once a week to find out how it's going and to give them a little 'nudge'.

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