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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Philly_22, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm a 22 year old female, i made an online application to become a regular soldier a few months ago, was told to come into the careers office on any friday at 2pm for a briefing, which i did. Was given yet another application pack and told to fill it in and book my barb test, then i would get a fitness within 3 weeks...

    Now my questions are, do i need to refill in this application form even though i did so online? And i've recently recovered from an injury so getting back ontop of my running, if i book my barb test now will this put me in a time frame to get fit? I was told that if they don't hear back from me within two weeks my applciation goes in the bin.

    So yeah, just wanted to find out a few answers on this - thanks for any response!
  2. You were given an application pack to fill in so fill it in and you were told to book a BARB test so do it.
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  3. But it's exactly the same as the one i filled in online, so am i doing the same thing twice unnecessary? As they didn't actually ask to see anything when i went into the careers office.
  4. Welcome to the Army way of doing things. If you're told to do it, do it. Without question.
  5. alright then, well thanks for clearing that up :)
  6. This is totally the attitude I got raised with, both parents being ex-army. Heh, I'm guessing I'm going to see some similarities soon.
  7. You will have barb then an rg8 medical form to fill in, mine came back after 3 weeks but I know people that have Waited months
  8. my mate has been waiting since October for his medical, nothing wrong with him , just his doctor is an arrse. fucked it completely up the first time, didnt sign it the second time and now for the 3rd time its at selection waiting for approval, now that takes the piss lol
  9. You're a doctor of course, qualified to pronounce on these matters, and what the **** is lol?

  10. Lots of Love of course :winkrazz:
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  14. Chaps, adopt the standards or face infractions.

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