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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by andyre07, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. I have 18 months left to serve and instead of accepting the offer of VEng I have decided that I would apply for the NZ Army. I pressed send last week and am now waiting for a response from them, what I was hoping for was a bit of an insight as to whether the NZ Army are still as keen on recruiting from the British Army as they were not so long ago and what I could expect next. All input would be most appreciated..
  2. How did you get on?

    I pressed send 2 days ago. Now checking e-mails daily waiting for a response. I know they said 2 weeks but you never know.
  3. Well a polite bugger ff mail came through today.

    Sorry we aren't recruiting anyone in your trade stream and rank at the moment. But if you want to come and live over here, get your visa sorted, move become a citizen for 5 yrs and then you can try and join again.

    Perhaps I'll become a civvy instead, seems like a lot let hassle
  4. What trade are you
  5. My three trades are Cbt Engr, Carpenter & Joiner and for my sins Sigs. On the form I said about demolitions quals and being a search instr with a civvy teaching cert qual'd to teach adult students
  6. Ref your application to the NZ Army....have you considered a cross application to the other services. An associate of the other half met a UK ex naval Snr who emmigrated to NZ using his wife as the main transfer (Nurse). On arrival in NZ he applied to the NZRAF and was accepted as a Sgt HSE manager, same job just different coloured suit !!!
  7. Had thought of that. Change of uniform colour.MMMMMMM. Will look into that. Cheers
  8. Sorry its taken so long to reply but I received an email saying pretty much the same thing. Fortunately the misses got a double your money job offer and is now earning more than me, they did me a favour to be honest as I wouldnt have liked trying to drag her thousands of miles away without the promise of a similar job down there. Just got to sort myself out with something to keep myself amused now. :?
  9. Seems that we aren't in as much demand as we like to think we are.

    Been looking at jobs in Bristol doing management. A fair bit of money to be had. Can't be that hard to get a job can it?
  10. Not too botherred now to be perfectly honest, in a decent position, house bought and paid for, misses raking it in and me just in need of beer tokens lol. I'm looking in the North West area, biggest problem I have at the mo is what to spend my resettlement on. Got a couple of Irons in the fire but who knows, I'm sure the Legion could do with a Barman lol
  11. I have fired my application off 2 days ago. Am an infantry WO2 so don't have any trade quals but am finishing my time off in quite a gucci job which falls in line with their priority recruitment. Am willing to take a reduction in rank. Hopefully I won't get the big feck off.
  12. God luck.
  13. Yeah Good luck... There is a shortage of Cpl's & Sgt's
  14. Good luck, and let us konw how you get on.
  15. Is there??

    When I enquired I was told no spaces. I have quals in Demolitions, management, teaching (civvy quals not the usual Army sort) H&S and fully qualified in the Sgt rank that my Corps allows.