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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Kopite, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Hey

    I originally applied online (right before the holidays started, great one me...) as a CMT. The thing is I found information and insight that I hadn't found before (including this website) and decided it wasn't quite what I wanted. I settled on Infantry, Rifles. I'm going into the careers office as soon as they re-open, but is my previous application alongside my change in role going to have an effect? I don't want to put myself on the ropes already by being a pain in the arse for my recruiter you know? :p

    Also, I'm not entirely sure which battalion... Although 2 or 3 rifles stick out to me. I can decide that later on can't I?

    I did look to see if I could find this information somewhere, but I just couldn't, so sorry but had to make a new topic!

  2. As far as I know mate they'll give you a proper application form once you've had a chat with them at the recruiting office which you have to fill out in writing.

    You have to choose 3 jobs during the recruitment process, and at multiple occasions I was asked to confirm my main priority choice.

    Don't worry about it mate, it's fine.
  3. Ah, brilliant mate cheers.
    3 jobs as in, Combat Medic Technician/Infantry/Sparky or 3 jobs as in Infantry, 2 Rifles/Infantry, Welsh Guard/Infantry Grenadiers?

    Hope it goes well when you get your dates! I'm hearing about dates for Catterick in March, so if I get my application done quick enough, I'll hopefully make it for then :)

    How long did it take you Interview onwards mate?
  4. Don't worry about it, just pop in when they re open and talk to them about them job choices your interested in.

    If you have only filled in an online app then really don't fret, you have to fill in a paper version in the office anyway, so basically you start the application from when you step through the door.

    Providing your BARB score is ok you should be able to put them 3 choices down.

    Obviously if Infantry is first choice put that down. I'm not sure how it works though because I think you put down a regiment as first choice when applying Infantry.. I dont know about that though
  5. Yeah, 3 jobs as in anything you want that you meet the requirements for. Your BARB test will tell you what you're eligible to do, the best thing to do is get practicing on the army website. It's just a test of different basic skills, you should be fine. More technical trades have higher BARB requirements than others. Once you've done your BARB, you can change your 3 according to what you're eligible to do. If your first choice is infantry, you'll be fine.

    After my BARB I got my medical papers. You have to get it filled out by a doctor (your GP), and that process is as quick as you make it. The doctor usually sees it as a chore, but I made him aware that on the letter it states he'll get something like £60 from the MOD just for ticking a few boxes, so my doctor did it the next day then called me in to confirm a few things. Tactic worked a treat!

    Handed in my medical and it was cleared about two weeks later, some people wait for ages though if they've had every disease ever known to man. I was then asked to confirm my fitness, which at the time was 10:48 run time, 48 pushups, 3-4 heaves and 75 sit-ups. I was told my run time and heaves were shit, and they told me my application was on hold until I sorted it out. I ran like a lunatic and practiced heaves on a tree in my local park for two weeks, and my recruiter phoned like "Well?" and at that point I was running the 1.5mi in 10:18, and could do 6 heaves. He was happy with this and booked my interview for two weeks later (woulda been the next day, but I couldn't get time off).

    Passed my interview, it was a good crack actually. Nothing compared to the friggin' job interviews I'd been to for IT companies, the Staff Sergeant was really helpful. Had to make sure I knew my 3 job choices well (aka whats written on the website), what I'd be learning in phase one, and TACOS. Oh, also about the army's view on drugs. The rest was personal questions about me and my family and jazz. He told me I passed at the end, all good etc.

    Got a letter through the following week saying I'd been given a place for selection at ADSC(P) at the end of October. Hit the gym and shaved my run time down, got a pull-up bar for my door and basically just did a month's worth of all out fitness.

    Went to selection, which I very much enjoyed. Only confirmed in my head that it was definitely the career I want. I came down really ill the monday before, and felt like absolute shit throughout selection. I should have taken the offer of deferral in my medical, but I was stubborn - sadly it showed in my fitness, and I came out with a B when I was doing my utmost to get an A. The Major who interviewed me at the end said they liked the fact I didn't stop. Set off on the journey back to Kent extremely chuffed n all that, I had a good bunch of lads on my selection, so it was good.

    Anyways thats how it all went for me. Walked in to the recruiting office at the end of July, so it's been 5 months so far. Haven't had my dates, but I've got a feeling I missed the April intake for my job choice. Never know though!
  6. Thanks guys, really useful responses :)
    I've been trying to get a run time to work on, but no luck with the ice :/
    At the moment I'm just doing daily lots of 20 miles on my exercise bike, some weights/sit ups/push ups and if I'm in the mood then I'll throw my weights in a rucksack and go for a walk or something.
  7. yep, you are right !