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Dear Guys

I applied to TA soldier role first during fresher fair in September 2012 then online on February 5th 2013, nine days later i received email confirming my application but since then there has been no meaningful communication. After no response from my online application and i went to barracks about my application , staff there were helpful but they explained since recruitment has been taken over by civilian firm they cant sign me on as they did before. its over 4 months now and i still haven't received any communication about my application.

have any of you been in this type of situation before and if yes what you did. Shall i apply again or shall i just give up.

Give up!
If your even considering giving up then you should certainly quit now as you obviously are not serious about your decision to join up.. even if it is only as a part timer!

If you are serious then you will need to get in contact with the National Recruitment Centre (run by Capita) and try and find out what is going on with your application.

Now since it was all taken over in march there are some long delays while the new system is tweaked and they catch up on everything so dont expect to get your application from 0 - 1000000 in a matter of days - some people posting on here (including myself) have applied for either TA/Regular last year and all in the same boat as yourself1
I wouldn't say it's all Capita's fault. My own application started well over a year before they took over the process. There are probably a number of factors that cause these delays for us, but the bottom line is that a lot of people try to join and despite this supposed recruitment drive, are left waiting until they give up or circumstances change so they are no longer able to join.
I wouldn't say it's all Capita's fault.

I would....

Ring them on one of their thousands of numbers [though they do all go through to one endlessly engaged phone, unless you hit the jackpot and you actually get to speak to a woman - she will then transfer you to the endlessly engaged phone]
The TA application process is a bag of ... well its pretty clear! Its down to candidates to ensure their application is being progressed by ringing the recruitment line and chasing. There's no real way of tracking your application apart from finding out when you would expect to hear feedback and then if you haven't ringing to find out... not great. I recently completed my online medical, heard nothing for 4 weeks (waited on the advice of the rec line) then after this 4 week period the rec line eventually passed me onto to the response team (who ever they are) who said they had emailed the next link and I must have deleted it. It will now take another month just to send me a link to complete online tests. Just this one stage has been unnecessary been delayed by 2 months. This is just the latest balls up in an application which started in Feb 13 and will no doubt take 6 months plus just to get to interview... at least TA recruits have to show tenacity hey! Perhaps / probably I did accidentally delete the email from my junk etc but this kind of process would simply not stand in any civi organisation.

Resourcing is not an excuse. Especially the automated / online elements. For me it comes down to initial poor process being put in place and even now, there are simple procedures they could implement and additional information they could make available which would make everyone’s life and their own easier. What is most surprising is that these issues are commonly known and not dealt with in a timely manner.

Rant over - feeling better :)
I'm glad to hear it's better than it was. They've invested millions, well spent I say.

One lad came in a trained soldier last month and it's only taken 2 years!

It's a lottery. You have to be tenacious.
One of the benefits of Capita taking over, in theory, is that we only get candidates once they have applied and passed seelction. We shouldn't see them until they get sponsored by our unit. This in turn frees us up to do more active outreach activities and get into airshows, steam rallys, 4x4 shows etc for free.
Also on a parade night once we do get a recruit we have a set program of training to deliver so bods won't be stood around in the garages or moving tables.
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