Application Rejected (10/04/13)

Hello there.

This is my first post so I will try and make it simple and quick.

I have been going through the application process for a while now, I applied for the royal engineers. I filled my application form in early January and got emailed the link for the medical tests yesterday. I promptly filled them out and suprisingly today I recieved word that my application will not be taken any further.

I was issued an inhalor for a bad chest early January 2009, (I have not had asthma since I was 2 years old but doctors always give out inhalors for anything like they are sweets). This has stopped me applying untill now (I have been patiently waiting 4 years, gradually increasing my fitness as time went by).

Have the rules regarding asthma changed? I am 4 years clear of inhalors now and I am sure that is the requirement? There is no other reason I can think of that my application has been rejected for. I have in the past suffered from psoarisis but it was a very small area, maybe the size of a £2 coin. it lasted about 3 months and has never troubled me since. (This was mid 2010).

I geuss really I am just looking for an explination as i have emailed the army back asking and they say they cannot answer any medical questions and all I can do is appeal my application (which I am going to do first thing tommorow).

Could anyone shed any light on why you think my application has been rejected? Or give me some advice on what to do next?

All you can do is go through the appeal process and see where it leads I am afraid

sup rec

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They should send you a letter explaining why you have been medically rejected, otherwise you don't know what to appeal. Contact the CSM again and ask when the letter will be sent. If they say they are not going to send a letter then inform the CSM that you want to raise a complaint as you have not been given grounds for a medical fail.
Fuckin hell:

Asthma - Unlikely unless clear for 'x' amount of years
Psoriasis - Probably not a hope

Anyway - read the threads, phone the careers office or ask the Pope.

Just use the fuckin search function before making posts - In the Army there is no such thing as a stupid question! This isn't the Army it's ARRSE - there are threads and boards full of stupid questions.

Rant over - good luck. :)
thankyou for taking the time to reply to my thread.

i have decided to ask about what ground my application has been rejected on before i send away my appeal.. as you say, i will not know what i am appealing.

in response to CC_TA, i am clear of astha for 4 years and do not currently suffer from psoarisis, i have only suffered with it once in my life for a very short time and it has not been a problem since. I regularly put my body to the test in physical endurance ( 6 mile runs etc) and no problems at all.

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