Application questions

Good morning! I have just received my UK Army soldier application package with extra information within for Commonwealth citizens. I am currently paying off a university student loan, which I hopefully will pay off by next year September. The cover letter in the application package says the application is only valid four months from the date on the letter. My questions are:

1)If I submit the application and I am successful, can I defer my entrance to the end of 2006?

2)When converted to UK pounds, the loan is fairly small. Given a privates pay of approximately £220pw, I will need to divert £150per month towards the loan(I'm working with a currency conversion rate of 12TT:1£). I don't how high UK cost of living is. Is that monthly payment manageable?

3)Should I just bin this application and reapply at the end of 2006?

Any advice will be very helpful.

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