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Good evening. I have submitted my application and have a few queries. Any help would be much appreciated.

1) Medical: I had Eczema in my late teens and am aware this could be an issue. However, I have been completely clear of Ezema for at least 7 years. Would that put that issue to bed? Also, again in my late teens/early twenties (I am now 28 ), I was put on an anti-depressant...tried it for a few weeks, didn't like it, didn't need it, binned it. This was due to poor lifestyle, low confidence; it was never at the level of self harm or further. Regret it now as on paper I believe it could jeopardise mu application? I am very active, healthy in mind and body, confident and driven as a 28 year old now.

2) Time: Application has been submitted and awaiting the basic medical questionnaire. If the questionnaire meets the required standard how long, roughly, will it take from questionnaire to the first interview?

3) Role: And finally any opinions on the 3 roles I have chosen? First choice is Logistic, ideally Port Operator (currently a civilian forklift driver). Second and Third choices...ceremonial, Royal Horse Artillery and Household Cavalry Mounted.

Again would really appreciate any help or tips. Sorry it's a bit long winded!!


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use the search function
On searching depression seems it's case to case and being 'clear' for several years seems to be in my favour. Couldn't find anything on Eczema but similarly being clear for years may be another positive, I guess...or hope! These common queries must bug you gentleman haha.


Yes, hence there are sticky threads dedicated to answering the same questions time after time after time ...
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