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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by JutStar, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I'm applying for the Parachute Regiment, how long usually would the application take? Has anyone here completed there ADSC within 2-3 months? and started basic training in the 5 month ?

    Cheers, JK.
  2. On average that is how long it should take if medical paperwork goes well and you are motivated enough and at the right level of fitness and maturity. Also do exactly what your Recruiter tells you and show that your keen.
  3. Okay, well im fit enough. I'm handing my application in today, i want to join ASAP.
  4. I applied in July 2006 and my basics start in September 2007 I never had one problem i finished selection by September 2006 but my trade never had spaces till now. I guess it all depends on the trade you choose and if they have spaces or not for you. Good luck mate
  5. hah, mine has taken forever!!!

    i started mine in march of this year, everything was fine,

    then i sent my medical off

    they constantly questioned everything

    in the end the denied me on medical grounds


    i went to bupa that day, told my solicitor, and he sent them a very nice letter xD

    then i got approved

    should be doing selection shortly

    hopefully on phase 1 sometime this year

    goodluck anyway!
  6. i applied in sep 06

    in may 07 i was already in iraq...
  7. Don't bother joining....

    Get a decent education and join the TA if must but the Army will not look after you after you have been injured - take it from the horses mouth, they will give you some treatment and throw you, irrelevant of age, onto the knackersyard!
  8. Oh please....think back to when you wanted to join, would you have gone in the TA ???? I dont think so..
    He must join and see for least in REGS you have mates for life...

    go for it fella ( enjoy P comp )
  9. Themaadone you have had a bad experience and not knowing the full details realise your being Med Discharged after quite a number of years service but that doesnt give you the right to keep hassling the people who are thinking of joining. By all means PM me and abuse serving soldiers but leave these youngsters alone with your bitterness please.
  10. Yes Zeitgeist, All my service has been regular, enlisted two times and am in my second time now.

    Life IS better on the outside, better pay for a start! And you get decent compensation if something goes wrong! The looking after bit, well, they do a decent job.... for a while and then drop you like a hot potatoe!

    The service in itself has become corrupt and those trying to do a decent job aren't able to!
  11. The Iron, bitterness? Yes, a little but also the worry that many of those people joining are being

    1 - given false advice and ushered into jobs they do not want to do (we all remeber what it was like at the recruiting office....

    2 - blatantly lied to when signing forms re bonuses (I was lucky, I received mine thousands didn't)

    3 - the level of aftercare is near to non existant for the amount of troops needing it! I do not say the treatment is bad - it is bad that we need it in the first place because you weren't given body armour or the minimum protection needed.

    Last - there are always pros.... but there are cons and they belong here as well!
  12. Im confused now....first you moan then you say are you are still in???????

    How do you know life is better on the outside, especially in the TA

    do I sense some bitterness
  13. After doing a Recruiting Sgt job previously I can honestly say that the advice given from the ACIO's is extremely good and throughout the process applicants are continually warned about the dangers and also that they are notpress ganged into a job they dont want. You have obviously had bad experiences in the past but dont slate recruitment when compared to civilian jobs you are explained in detail about every part of the process and given feedback.
    If I remember right you have done 17 years in the Army so must be a SNCO which amazes me that you are calling your workmates and comrades corrupt.
    My oldest lad is now in the Army and I have served nearly 20 years I would not of done this if I didnt think it was for a worthwhile cause and a wonderful experience.
  14. Well thats debatable, I personally found civilian life was an utter bag of s***. Working minimum wage dead end jobs (despite A-levels but employers dont care about quals, just experiance) for total ********* alongside people who couldnt care less about anybody but themselves and how many times they can ring in sick before they get sacked.

  15. IRON.....maybe he is not a SNCO after 17 years, this would explain the bitterness...and thats why his peers are corrupt perhaps, I dont know ???..