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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by oloveridge, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. i was just wondering what is the minimum time it will take because i am having a different job interview friday and i know a guy that works there he is pretty shore i will get the job and i have a barb test tuesday.
  2. I first applied in January, had my BARB second week of February, have an interview with the Sergeant Major at my local AFCO on Monday, then I'll hopefuly get a date for ADSC. So, about half a year for me. But it varies. As I understand it, my AFCO has a rather particular way of doing things.
  3. its tuck me about 4 months to get to ADSC which i have next week
  4. Two months from ADSC to Catterick here.

    10th of Aug - Can't wait.
  5. I passed ADSC on April 1st and i start Phase 1 on 22nd september.
  6. I went in careers office on the 6th jun
    BARB test 13th jun
    handed my medical questionaire in 19th jun(doctors)
    basic skils 20th jun

    know i think im waiting on the army reciving my medical form i think to get a selection date or to have a formal interview.
    i havnt even spoke about trades or anything yet becouse my advisor went on holiday on the 13th for 2 weeks, onli spoke about what i want to do which is infantry and choose my regiment Dukes of Lancaster.I wish my aplication would hurry up just wnna start my training and get on with it.Dont want to be waitin months :(
  7. I started applying in February and i'm just waiting on my starting dates now, should be around september so about 7/8 month.
  8. some people wait weeks some months...does it depend on what up are joining up as ?
  9. Applied June 2007 should be going to selection July 2008.

    Just prey you haven't ever been sick in your life! Otherwise the medical side of things will hold you up.
  10. Hello there... Well my sons process too 3 months from start to finish. I do think I kept the time limits down by personaly taking all his forms to the army careers office,1 hr away, in every time. I was that eager lol! He did his selection in April & starts 7th Sept at Harrogate. He is using this time to keep fit. I wish you all the best & hope that all goes ok. :D