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I'm right at the beginning of the application process.
That's to say i'm doing my BARB tests next week and i've not handed in my application form yet.
But i would like to the order of things during the application process. As in what will come after doing the BARB and handing in application form. Is it an interview? Medical? some advice would be gratefully recieved!!

Thanks in advance.


hello there
i have just handed my forms in to, but have not been told about anyy barb test but i believe the next step is an interview im sure somwone will correct me if wrong


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I also am in the same boat. I have been to the TAC a few times and have filled in my forms which I am handing in tonight. I have taken an intake test to see which role I am more suited to and I have my medical in a couple of weeks. You can't take part in any of the PT without passing your medical or take part in any weapons training until you have had your security clearance. I'm not sure what you will be doing until you can actually train.
I know each unit (as with everything in the TA) do things differently. In my unit its as follows. Most units dont bother with the BARB test. A lot depends on your Units role

Open evening and interview - Week 1 - Recruit take paperwork home
BARB Test - Week 2 - Review paperwork
Medical and completion of paperwork/Attestation - Week 3
Remaining attestation - week 4
In house training - week 3/4 - 8
Recruit course - week 8
ATR - Week 16
Specialist training - Week 20
Qualified Sapper - Week 22

Hope that helps :? Just for information it starts going wrong around week 2 :wink:

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