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Discussion in 'RAC' started by The_0ne, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Well after browsing these boards for some time reading posts about the RAC and pming some very helpful people i've now started the application process.

    Went into careers office last wednesday and received application form etc then on the 27th I have to hand it in when i will also be doing the BARB test along with the english and maths tests. :biggrin:

    Was originally interested in MBT but now decided to go for RECCE.

    QRL's are my first choice with QDG's and the LD's my 2nd and 3rd choices.
  2. god help you .first wrong move in your army service,do you like sheep..
  3. Why should QRL be interested in sheep they dont recruit form Wales ;)
  4. very true any animal will do..i was on about the qdgs.. but all cav are ,,,,,
  5. I thought MBT were recce these days...
  6. Any problems with the process let me know I can try to explain it for you.
  7. That would be "Medium" !!!
  8. Pupgreen wrote
    :threaten: :threaten:

    The One, good choice, tell us how your getting on, if i can help i will. Good choice Regiment formed from a way better Regiment.
  9. Good on you mate.Maybr you will be further ''enlightened''and join QDG.
  10. Cheers and thanks for the help you gave me ;)
  11. Dont know about enllightened, maybe screaming and kicking :)
  12. Well i asked the other day for further info from QRL HQ and QDG HQ.

    The lancers sent me a poster with info on the back about the regiment and daily life,future etc along with a calling card.

    QDG sent me a booklet with history of the regiment, a poster in same format as the QRL's one and a 150 page colour journal with pictures and articles from tours etc etc.

    Impressed with the QDG, might have to stick them as number one choice :numberone: ;)
  13. Good man, get back in touch with the ''ginger one'' at HHQ and see if you can arrange a visit when we come over recruiting in Feb/March.We have a couple of rugby games planned as well with loads of the local youth tipping up. I am sure you will get loads of help mate,good choice.Pm me again if you need details .
  14. Well if you like looking at pretty pictures in a book, go for the QDG then.
  15. Not that i have to explan myself but it isnt like that.

    QRL have only just gone recce and as such probably "learning as they go" QDG have been doing it for years and are very good at it.

    As a new recruit i think personally it would be more sensible and in the long term "better" to learn off guys who have been doing it for years then guys who are learning themselves also.