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Hi everyone!
I know people have asked these questions over and over but I can't seem to find my answer without trawling through pages of chit chat about nothing! :bounce: I've also been to career's centres but no luck there :eh:

Need some info on application process for a student nurse joining the army.
What steps are there as I know it is different to other jobs, more interviews etc. When is the Nursing selection board? After basic? What's involved?

Also info on the 2 day selection, think it's called ADSC or something?? Where is it based and what's involved (fitness etc)?
14 weeks Basic training-Where is it based for a female student nurse? also how difficult, what's involved? I've been reading books and it sounds terrifying but I'm so determined to do it, would like a bit of a heads up to what's involved.

Thanks in advance guys. Just want to be prepared mentally and physically:!: =\\\')
Nurses eat their young.

If you don't believe it google it.

They are all insidious monsters. Get yourself a strong talisman before you go on that ward.
The process for Student nurse is exactly the same as any other applicant, some useful information in the stickies about what you do in the process and then what you do at ADSC. If meet all the eligability requirements and pass ADSC with a good grade you will then go on a Student nurse selection board which is very competitive where you will hav elots of interviews, presentations and debating discussions there are already lots of threads on this.
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