Application process, Drug checking?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Goatracks89, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. If I apply, will they do a drug screening?
  2. It happens during phase 1 of basic training

    PS-Stand by for the inevitable grief from the regular arrsers :)
  3. You filthy junkie
  4. I thought it was done during medical at selection??
  5. As far as iv been told by my recruiter etc, the tests and samples done at adsc are for other purposes. meh not for me to worry bout. never touched drugs besides paracetamol and stuff the docs have prescribed
  6. The recruiters are trained to "smell" out junkies during their visits to the ACIO.

    Be warned!
  7. you get a few piss tests at ADSC.

    Ive heard they're just for medical purposes rather than drugs testing, but it's best to just stop now if you're serious about joining.
  8. I think the piss tests are to check for stuff like diabetes, urinary problems etc. tho i aint a medic so someone like Phantom would be better to advise or fivetodo. Joining or not.....stopping is always best imo
  9. Yeah apparently the piss test at ADSC has no relevance to drug screening, and no tests at ADSC are for drug screening, but you best stop now, besides you can't be that fit for the army if your smoking that shite all the time? You get 2 or more drug tests in basic, one on your first week medical, get a few blood tests, then one on the first day back from your long weekend leave, and then random ones after that.
  10. Don't see why any druggies would want to go into the military. May as well stay at home watching cartoons and laughing like beavis & butthead :lol:
  11. Junkie scum
  12. I hope so!

    Might I suggest you come off the gear long before you swear your oath and put it down to that phase in your life where you were a d1ckhead who associated with drug dealers.
  13. when i went adsc there was a lad kicked out becuz he was caught with weed in his system so id advice you 2 stop and drink lots of cranberry juice lol :D
  14. The reason so many get addicted to smack in jail is because it passe's through your system quickly thus avoiding drug testing so you could take up mainlining scag instead of having a cheeky puff now and then
  15. Absolute shite, ADSC does not conduct drugs testing.